We’ve been nominated by AskMen for “Best Beard Oil"

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We're thrilled to announce that “Red Hook Classic Beard Oil” has been nominated for the AskMen Grooming Awards in the category of “Best Beard Oil"

This prestigious annual awards highlights the companies, individuals, and top grooming products that are having an impact in the Men’s Grooming Industry

Your support for us makes all the difference. Please take a moment to vote for us today. 

Thank you for reading and Thank you for voting!

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Soft Natural Boar Bristles for Your Beard

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Introducing our limited edition handmade wooden beard brush!

The natural boar bristles are perfect for keeping your beard looking neat and tidy. The bristles are uneven so you can reach from root to tip in a single stroke.

Brush features our signature “octopus" logo engraved.

Lightweight for ease of use on-the-go, plus fits perfectly within the hand

Style your beard correctly and prevent hair from knotting with this iconic grooming accessory!

Beard brush measures approximately 5" x 1.75" 

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For the love of Balms!

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It's about to be that time of the year - the time where you trade in your shorts for jeans, flip-flops for boots and tank tops for overcoats. But one thing typically stays the same, and that's your grooming regimen. That luscious beard you've been growing all year has finally found another purpose other than looking devilishly handsome - keeping your face warm. Now, all you have to do is take care of it.

You reach for your favorite Brooklyn Grooming Beard Balm and begin to notice your balm is getting a bit grainy. Have no fear! No, your product hasn't gone bad. No, there's no weird chemical reaction going on in the tiny tin. And finally, yes, there's a simple way to fix this.

One of the most used ingredients in grooming is shea butter. And it's pretty obvious why. For starters, this great little gift melts at body temperature - it's super easy to work with. Further, shea butter is a natural provider of Vitamin A, which has been found to not only be extremely moisturizing, but also can treat some skin allergies, bug bites, sun burns, frostbites and more. As amazing as shea is, it is the culprit to your grainy balm.

Shea is made up of a ton of super fats. Initially, when we produce balms, the shea is melted and mixed with the other ingredients. When the product gets too cold, though, the fats try to re-solidify as tiny granules. If you're into that, and the granules don't bother you, more power to you. The product is still 100% OK. But here are a couple of simple tips on how to fix that pesky shea.

1. Place your beard balm in a freezer bag. Boil water in a kettle. Make sure it's enough to cover your tin in a bowl. Once the water has boiled or the kettle whistled, pour the water into a bowl as deep or deeper than the beard balm tin. 

Let the water cool for about 30 seconds. Then, place your bag in the bowl, and put a lid on top of the bowl trapping in all of the heat. 

In about 5 minutes, your beard balm should be creamy and ready for the fridge (not the freezer). Use tongs to remove the balm, as it will be hot. After about half an hour in the fridge, your balm is good to go!

2. Have a radiator or other indirect heat source? Awesome! Simply place your tin on it, and in about 20 minutes your balm is as good as new - just a bit warmer.

Ultimately, any situation that involves indirect heat will most benefit your balm in getting it back to its original state. Some tips, though, include do not microwave your tin. It could produce some sick fireworks, but it would definitely ruin your balm. Also, reincorporating your shea may sound like a long process, but with all of the benefits it provides, it's best not to compromise it in any way. Finally, keep your balm in a warm, dry area.

Take these tips and get that beautiful beard back to its glory. Keep it smooth, and keep it kempt.

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5 Timeless Staple Must Haves

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Wardrobe staples are your absolute essentials in menswear, the pillars of every man’s wardrobe. They’re key for dressing up or down, they cover nearly every occasion and will be a regular feature in your wardrobe for years. But what should you be looking for?

It’s all about versatility with these pieces so it’s best to keep them quite simple. What is it we’re looking for then? For the casual outfits you want plain crew neck T Shirts and plain sweatshirts. For the smarter occasions we’re looking for plain shirts and smart knitwear. For your bottom half we need some denim that will be easily dressed up or down. So let’s get to it with our choice staples.     

1.Dickies Crew Neck 3 Pack

It’s all about the versatility with the plain crew neck T Shirt. You can’t own enough of them, wear them as a bottom layer, top layer in the summer and as part of a mid-layer when worn with an undone oxford shirt. Dickies ensure you’ve always got one to hand with their three pack.

2.G Star’s V-patch Sweatshirt  

Dutch brand G Star is stepping up its game with this military style V-patch Sweatshirt. This is a comfortable item, that’s also quite easy to mix with colourful jeans be it red, green or white, just don’t be afraid to experiment. This is also a great transitional piece as we go from the colder months into Spring.

3. Nudie’s Thin Finns

A dark pair of jeans will ensure you can wear them as part of casual and smart/casual outfits. Nudie only use the highest quality and ethically sourced materials so you know they’ll hold their colour and shape for years.

4. Farah Vintage Oxford Shirt    

It’s time to switch it to formal and Farah’s Oxford shirt is definitely an office classic. Oxford shirts are great pieces for when you’re heading out straight from work. Worn with a blazer and trousers they look smart and sophisticated. Wear undone with a crew neck underneath and a pair of jeans and you’re looking effortlessly cool. Farah’s delivers that classic style you should expect from this brand with a rich heritage.

5. Only & Sons Pique Crew Neck

 Your knitwear is where you can bring some classic sophistication whilst layering in the transitional periods between winter and spring. Wear with an oxford shirt underneath to dress it up and keep warm or your plain crew neck to dress it down and stay cooler in the hotter months. If you’re on a tighter budget then Only & Sons provide the quality you want at the price you need.

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Brooklyn Grooming Frosty Winter Tips

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A good place to start might be ‘Why worry about winter grooming’?

A vast amount of our organic world revolves around the cycle of seasons. Likewise, how one goes about grooming is also determined by the seasons. In the months of freezing temperatures and biting winds, a gentleman may find that growing a beard proves to be an excellent decision to avoid feeling the blistering whip of winter across his bare face. However, keeping a beard feeling and looking dapper in the frosty winter air can be tough! Beards often become dry, itchy and have a harder time holding any long-lasting shape. When it comes to keeping a forest fresh beard in the dead of winter, there are a few tips one should first adhere:

Has the frigid air got your beard feeling frizzy and unmanageable? Is your pomade wax no longer holding the dapper beard it once used to? Well, fret no longer- here’s a quick tip in resolving those issues: use a primer first before using daily grooming products. This will help ensure that the wax has a coating to hold onto. Conquer that winter frizzle with a few drops of Pilgrim’s Hair Tonic. Enriched in the nutrients of organic coconut, argan, jojoba and avocado oils, Pilgrim’s Hair tonic will tame and protect your hair from suffering nature’s harshest season. 

Has the bitter wind got your skin feeling cracked and painful? Avoid making the situation worse by temporarily numbing the pain with just any moisturizer. Instead seek relief in dermal lubrication!  Brooklyn Grooming’s facial serums offer an effective solution that is not only also abundant in nutrients that will help regenerate the skin, but will also leave your skin glowing regardless if the sun is out or not. As far as scent goes, choose any of the finest Brooklyn Grooming options: Commando, Williamsburg, Red Hook, or Fort Greene, all of which are a concentrated blend of the highly reparative jojoba and argan oils. Next time the wind has got your skin feeling chafed and flakey, reach for the ever-so-handy bottle of gentleman’s facial serum, and relief will soon ensue.

Just because winter is a season of hibernation and dreary weather doesn’t mean your beard maintenance has to be! Keep your routine away from seeping into the humdrum of everyday work by choosing a  beard soap that is light and gentle on the face.  To awaken slumbering spirits and and freshen your morning step, lather your beard in the invigorating Beard Soap by Meow Meow Tweet a nourishing combination of shea-butter and essential oils that will leave your face feeling kissed by the earth. 

You don’t have to merely endure winter! Stop letting the drab of bleak weather bring down the dapper in your beard! Rather, let yourself thrive in winter. Wave goodbye to the woes of winter and revitalize with a few tricks of the trade to let winter be your finest grooming season.

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A beard growers guide for beginners

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Hey guys. Perrin here from I write about wet shaving, beards, mustaches and the gentlemanly arts. I heard you guys like beards, and I figured there a few guys among you who were going to be trying it for the first time, so I wanted to impart a bit of hard-earned wisdom where I could.

So, check it out: a quick beginners guide to growing a beard.

Tip #1: Just grow it.

If that sounds like plain old common sense, that’s because it is. However, I consistently find that the first step is often the most difficult for beard-growing novices. And it’s especially true for guys who tend to grow patchier beards.

So, my first and simplest tip is just to let that bad boy grow. More importantly, be ready for an awkward phase. If you’ve ever shaved your head, you know that the time between being bald and having hair that actually looks like something is pretty friggin’ awkward. Your face is no different. The good news? There’s lots of stuff you can do in between, and there are plenty of styles for virtually any beard length. 

If you’re one of those guys who can magically sprout of a full warrior’s beard overnight, then congratulations! You’re ready for my second tip.

Tip #2: After 2-3 weeks of growth, make the tough decisions.

Listen, not everyone can have a beard like Brian Wilson. I know I can’t. So, one of the tough realities of growing a beard is that, to some extent, you’ll be limited by genetics. If you’ve take a few weeks to let your beard grow, you should take an honest look and seriously ask yourself what kind of beard is possible for you.

What you want to be looking for is: (1) overall thickness, (2) significant bald patches, and (3) un-sprouted hair.

For thickness, take whatever you see at 2-3 weeks and multiply it by about two. Mots beards will appear much thicker with more volume (which just comes with time). Take note of any significant bald patches and decide if you can live with and/or if they’ll fit with your ideal beard. If you do have a few bald patches, it usually just means you won’t be able to sport super-full, super-clean cut styles; but there are still lots of messier styles you can rock (so don’t worry).

Then, for thinner areas, check to see if hair isn’t growing at all or if the hair is just having trouble sprouting from the follicle. Most of the time, if you can see the hair in the follicle, it means the hair is there but un-sprouted. For this kind of hair, you can sometimes encourage it to grow by using minoxidil, which promotes hair growth. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s something to try, and it works for a lot of guys.

In other words, be honest with yourself about the styles that will actually work with your beard. There’s nothing worse than seeing a guy with a wispy beard trying to sculpt a few strands of hair into a visage of Ulysses S. Grant.

Tip #3: Consider your context.

This tip is mostly theoretical, but it’s extremely important to think about as you start to grow your beard – especially if it’s your first one – and especially after you’ve figured out the styles available to you (tip #2).

Context is basically how your beard fits into your overall look. The same beard can look totally different in two different styles, so it stands to reason that when you begin to grow your beard, you can’t just think about your beard. You have to think about how it’ll jive with your image.

This is the example I usually like to use. Suppose you enjoy a long, wiry beard (a la ZZ Top). One way to wear that beard would be with long hair, leather, lots of accessories and an integrated mustache (a ‘stache that flows into your beard). That’d be a very rock-and-roll kind of style, and it would be awesome.

However, you could wear the same beard with a super clean haircut, a well-tailored jacket, and a bowtie.  Kind of see what I’m getting at here? That same beard would look totally different in this context, and it would be equally as awesome.

The important thing in here is that, while you cannot totally control your beard, you can totally control the context in which your beard lives. So pay attention to it. Plan it. And then execute it!

Tip #4: Use the right tools for your beard.

I’ve had plenty of arguments about how you should shape your beard. As in the shaving community, the beard community sometimes seems to have a weird divide between “traditionalists” and non-traditionalists.

Traditionalists tend to use hand-crafted, homemade products and shape their beard with scissors. Non-traditionalists don’t mind using a good set of trimmers.

For my money, it doesn’t matter at all. Just choose the right tools for your particular beard or what is the most fun for you.

Here’s what each is good for. Scissors are usually best for longer beards; however, I always keep them handy for stray hairs. The important thing to understand about scissors, though, is that if you’re going to use them to regularly trim a full beard, you need to keep them sharp to avoid pulled hairs and split ends.

Trimmers, on the other hand, and great for shorter, uniform beards. They’re also great for styles that include a clean neckline.

You don’t have to choose one. I use both. Just make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses to get the most utility out of your instruments.

Tip #5: Build a good kit.

You obviously need timmers and scissors in your beard grooming kit, but there are plenty of other things you should have if you’re going to seriously pursue the beardly arts. Here’s what you should have in your grooming kit.



  • Wet shaving supplies (safety razor, brush, shaving soap) to give your neck an ultra-close shave (for styles with a clean neck)
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Mustache wax (for beard styles that include non-integrated, styled mustaches)

The most important thing to remember when building a beard grooming kit is to never, ever skimp on supplies. Seriously. When I buy stuff for my kits, I ask myself, “Could I pass this on to my kids?” If you can, that’s quality.

It’s also why I buy stuff from these guys at Brooklyn Grooming.


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Queremos Presentarle a Lord Jack Knife

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Earlier this summer we were pleased and flattered to discover we'd been included on a list of grooming products recommended by international man of mystery and tonsorial consultant extraordinaire, Lord Jack Knife. It's one thing for a civilian or casual grooming enthusiast to enjoy our goods (who wouldn't?), but we felt it was quite another to be endorsed by a man who's made his own grooming philosophies the subject of educational tours throughout Europe and North America.

We caught up with LJK to learn more about his barbering brand and personal grooming techniques. He took the time to answer some questions* during a recent seminar tour through Mexico.

A trained barber known for his nouvelle approach to classic shave techniques, LJK told us he regards the documenting of the evolution of men's grooming as a life mission.

I started the day I felt I had much more to learn and much more to do to keep writing the history of the barber shop. I'm still on tour and as long as I feel a hunger for the knowledge of old and new concepts I'll keep doing it ... I hope not to stop until my health no longer allows me to.

Ever curious about the motivations behind men's individual grooming habits, we asked LJK what drove him toward the cultivation of his look and his rather impressive pelt of mandibular topiary. Like all passionate bearders, from Samson to Santa, LJK's fair facial fuzz has special meaning to him. 

My beard is the fight against a bad period in my life. I started to grow it because some bad things happened to me; and when I recovered I felt full of faith. On the other hand, I didn't realize I was finding myself and my personal branding in the process. Actually, my beard is my complete aesthetic, representing what I want to reach as professional master barber and educator. So there is no point to shave it now.


Naturally, we wanted to know what about Brooklyn Grooming had drawn him to us in the first place.

I really count on quality info for customers. Unfortunately many brands have a presence in the market because of an instant business plan instead of a real project respecting their values. I want customers to know that BG is one of those brands who loves what barber shop means and doesn't look for simply aesthetics. The more information and transparency a brand gives, the more we can trust it.

And LJK's favorites from our line?

I can't live without the Red Hook Facial Serum and the Red Hook Beard Balm. I remember I was very excited about the Facial Serum because my issue was oily skin after application, but it is just brilliant how this product is absorbed without any shiny or oily effect. On the other hand the Beard Balm, thanks to the inclusion of beeswax, allows me to control my beard and at the same time gives it the moisturizing I need.

We're thrilled to welcome LJK to the Brooklyn Grooming Collective as Brand Ambassador, and glad to know he's as excited as we are to spread the love and knowledge of our products and philosophy.

Welcome aboard, LJK!



*Since LJK is a non-native English speaker, the above quotations have been edited for clarity. But don't worry, grooming is universal.*

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