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4 Ways to Perfect Your Beard This Fall

Fall is just about here and with No Shave November around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to maintain your beard and facial hair. There’s no doubt that maintaining your grooming habits during the changing seasons can be difficult, and may even require some tweaking to get the best look possible.

To ensure you’re crafting the perfect look, be sure to try out these four tips to give you the crispy autumn beard look you’re going for.


Nurture it as it grows

No matter how quickly your facial hair replenishes itself, you should constantly be on top of how long your beard is getting and when it’s time to tame it. There should always be preparation in your mind and a continual timeline of anticipation to decide on how close you are to your next shave. It usually takes about a month to grow a full beard, however, if you’re beard falls more along the stubble line, it’s best to touch it up every one to three days.

What many people forget is that your beard preparation, while it grows, is equally important as the actual grooming itself. Particularly with your skin, it’s essential that you take care of the skin on your face in order to avoid acne and ingrown hairs. Start with asking your barber about what skin type you are (dry, oily, sensitive) and experiment with facial serums that can add moisture to your face and give you a smooth feeling that’s ideal for shaving.

Once your beard starts filling in, it will be time to start introducing new products into your regime to give you a healthy-looking beard and avoid any snarls or split ends that may pop up. Grooming oil and balms are the perfect supplements you can add straight to your beard to moisturize and add volume.


Trim to perfection

Once your beard is grown to your liking, you have to remember to upkeep it to looking sharp and nurtured. If you’ve prepared thoroughly, your face should be the perfect canvas to craft the ideal look. Depending on how long your beard is and what your plan is for trimming, be sure you have the proper tools you need to do it. Whether that be an electric razor for a larger-scale shave or a convenient cartridge razor intended for shorter beards, you want to ensure you’re using the right product to get the look you’re going for.

As for the shave itself, be conscious about how you shave and take care while you do so. Shaving with the grain of hair is always best, so be sure to lather with shaving cream to avoid cutting yourself. If you give the electric razor a chance, be sure to lubricate the razor before you apply to your face and always keep your face moist to maintain the ultimate surface to craft your look.


Match with your face type

The art of matching your beard to your face is definitely difficult, but it can be done with a little creativity. Of course, doing so will differ from person to person based on face shape, amount of facial hair, and even the color of your hair, but the ultimate goal is to tailor your beard to make your face look as oval as possible.

For people with more rectangular jawlines, features such as chin straps and a mustache that breaks your face up vertically are your best option. On the other hand, those with sharp jawlines and more defined cheekbones, try and place more focus on your chin to give you a style that pops out.

The only way to decide on what looks best on your face is to simply experiment. It doesn’t hurt to try out a new style and ask for opinions, especially during November, so try out something new and be free to express yourself.


Make lifestyle changes

Believe it or not, your lifestyle choices and how you take care of your body have an effect on how you grow your facial hair and how healthy you can keep your hair follicles. Beard growth stems from testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), meaning the higher levels of these hormones in your body, the fuller your beard will grow in. This means adding foods higher in protein and nutrients to your diet can significantly help boost hair growth. Try adding sweet potatoes, eggs, and spinach into your rotation for the extra kick of biotin, keratin, and DHT.

Exercising regularly can increase your hormones as well, helping not only your body grow and develop but help the growth of facial hair. Resistance training and focusing on muscle groups help stimulate DHT and raise your internal levels of hormones. If you find yourself not regularly working out and are looking for a new habit during the fall to improve your wellbeing, start heading to the gym to give you a lean look and an even better beard!

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