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Perfect sent, texture, it feels very good on your skin!

Awesome but

Awesome products but not loving the sent

Tattoo Balm 2 oz.
Casey Thornton
Is nice, very nice!

I usually use Tattoo Goo, however I personally like this product better. I for one appreciate the large can size, and this product just smells amazing overall.

The major difference between the two products is the soothing factor. Brooklyn Grooming balm has hemp seed oil which has a great track record of helping ease skin irritation. This will continue to be my go to product!


Way cool stuff! Thanks BG!!

Yay! No smell!

Hyper sensitive to scented products and this is perfect! No smell, decent hold, looks cute in my son’s hair. Doesn’t seem to build up! Will reorder:)

Tattoo Balm 2 oz.
Michael Romo

Great Balm.

Quality balm

I bought this after I was having issues with another product I was using on my healing tattoo. This stuff worked really well and my skin looks and feels very healthy now.

Beard Soap
Alex Williams

Beard Soap

Excellent Hold

Just purchased my 2nd jar and a travel size container.
This product holds my hair in place all day and has a pleasant smell.
Easy to apply.

Anchor Grooming Balm

What a gem! This balm is like butter for your facial hair. Plus, it has all all natural and unique ingredients that cannot be found in any other similar product. Bar none!

Pilgrim's Deodorant

This product works for me. It is excellent. Can't ask for a better all natural and handmade deodorant. Plus, the packaging kicks @SS!


Beautiful design for a moustache/beard comb, there is no other like it.
Excellent product, came in a little bag from the shop with a great design. Was early to arrive and customer service was great with a question I had.
Thank you so much!!

Love the smell and it works!

I love this deodorant and yes, it works unlike other products on the market. I could live in that smell. Thank you for meeting a great need - sustainable, effective. Kudos!

Amazing product!

Finally I have found an all natural alternative to my chemical-laden hair product! This pomade gives my short hair superb texture and definition. Thank you Brooklyn Grooming, I'll be using this from now on!

Kraken Leather

Very nice leather cuff, fast shipping and excellent follow-up!



Pilgrim's Shop Soap

A very soothing soap. It's soft as butter in a dish on a hot summer day. Wish there was a Blue Velvet version. None the less, a nice product.

Brooklyn Grooming Co. Blue Velvet Facial Serum

This product delivers as advertized. A truly great product. Your face would thank you if it could!

Cedarwood is devine.

I'm a fairly Jiggy old man. I get around a little. The response to my cedar wood/orange hair scent has been staggering. I have a couple smart GF's and I am blessed with most all of my hair intact. I'm lucky and I know it. I have dropped my tattooed barber's nautical slicktite gels for this steely hold attraction paste. My hair has never been better and I am ok with the attention. In a sea of fantastic grooming products- this one keeps Brandy waiting for me. She's a fine girl...

Men's Handmade Pocket Comb

How can this tiny column of substance control my gaminess?

Quick review- this deodorant works better than any product I have ever tried. It takes a 1/4 of the space of my previous regular in my toilet kit and does 4 times the work- Proctor and Gamble should be ashamed. I will never use anything else. Thank you. I smell like a clean man now - not like a pot roast basted with fabreeze.

Pilgrim's Blue Cyprus and Coconut Deodorant is amazing

This stuff smells good, and lasts all day. I have had skin irritation from most other commercially available deodorant and have tried everything from the alum crystals to "natural" products. They don't work and contribute to bad smelling underarms. I thought I was just stuck living with it, until a small boutique in Astoria, OR recommended the product. I love it!!!

Clay Pomade

This stuff is great! Finally a pomade that can hold my hair style that’s unscented. I have a lot of sensitivity that doesn’t let me use many products so this is a real win for me. Plus the art on the product is dynamite! So happy

Grooming Oil 2 Pack Full Size
william leverenz jt

Grooming Oil 2 Pack Full Size

Excellent Product

I bought this a few years ago almost as a joke - Machine Oil?! Had to try some. It's now a regular part of my morning ritual, Don't leave home without it!