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Beard soap or nothing at all

I've been using Anchor beard balm (grooming balm) for many years. I also use the beard oil on weekends when I'm looking more relaxed than weekday professional.

I never have much thought about using anything other than shampoo on my beard. One day I felt like trying out the beard soap and ordered it on a whim. Upon first use, I realized that I've been wasting time using anything else. It smells F'n amazing. Makes my beard whiskers soft and manageable. I love it so much that if I run out of it without a backup bar in the house, I don't think I'll even bother cleaning myself at all. Just buy it.

Clay pomade - Unscented
Brooke Freeman
Pretty good.

What I love about it:
• Natural, clean ingredients. That's a big plus.
• Unscented is great. It's super hard to find unscented hair clay.
• Great value. Really large jar for the price.

• The hold is medium, in my opinion, and doesn't last more than a few hours in my hair. Adding more product makes it greasy.

I recommend this product just for the fact that the ingredients are natural and it's a great value, and I love to see entrepreneurs being successful and providing a quality product.... but I would say don't expect a super high hold. Oh, and the fact that they offer a 1 oz travel size for $9 is great-- a nice way to sample the product without paying too much. Give it a try!

Great Product

This vegan pomade was better than I expected. Holds great, not too strong & not too light. Easy to rinse out and has a good look to it.

Best beard oil

I've been using this beard oil for about 10 years now, have tried other products during that time, and none have compared in fragrance or moisturizing. First bought it when I lived east coast, and have since lived all over the US west and middle, but this is always with me and a quick ship away if I need a restock. Wife loves the scent and it's the smell of when we first met to her which is something special too!

Good but not GREAT!

The matte cream helps in styling your hair but doesn’t have much hold. I

Good product

Always a good quality product. The customer service has been very good too.

BG Tiger shirt
Roland Quirion


Interesting clay

I’ve tried most home brew companies products and while I’ve found some that I like this clay is very interesting. It can an hold its own with the best of the best, in my opinion it’s very smooth and light with a creamy consistency but once it’s broken down it has a very matte and strong hold it almost styles by itself and stays in place all day.

Beard Soap
Mark Negron
Great For Shaving.

I use the beard soap for shaving and I love it. It gives a real good lather and a great scent. I use it on my head and neck, and it leaves my skin feeling nice. I highly recommend it.

The best pomade on the planet.

Beard Soap
Bruno Fortin

Wonderful soap the beard is bright fresh and clean

Cardamome lover

Greatest smell

Tattoo Balm 2 oz.
Brendan Lamb
Amazing Tattoo Balm

Received this as a gift a few years back. It's amazing. Once the bandage is off I use this once a day for about a week. Tattoos heal up great! Ran out this month and had to get another tin. Highly recommend!

Fresh, smooth, clean

Leaves you smelling clean and fresh all day. No mess ok clothes!

Worth the cost

Hard to find scent free hair products this is worth the cost and they have great customer service.


Works well and smells great

Grooming oil and balm duo
Eduardo Fernandez
Best stuff for my beard and hair

I use the balm and oil and also the tonic for my hair and my beard. Smells great

Great Products!

Love the branding details. The oil and beard balm are awesome and small amazing. You can tell they’re made with a great ingredients. Will definitely continue to use and recommend. Also love the Palo Santo stick and sticker that was added to my order!

Beard Balm Sampler
Joel Estevez
Clean ingredients that work as intended

Loved the balm sampler and the beard oil.

Sublte smell and good hold

A nice and big jar of a pleasantly smelling pommade. The smell is not overpowering, and fades to a subtle smell after a little while. Feels good to apply. A little stickyness, but not directly sticky, while also not oily like many pommades are. It's a nice inbetween. And again, the smell is nice and subtle. The jar has good size to it, which is nice in a market of smaller and smaller tins for the same amount of money.

The smell has edge enough to be masculine, but not as sharp as to overshadow anything you might apply with more a more distinct masculine smell. It leaves your hair smelling pleasant up close (I've been told). All in all it strikes a good balance.

Beard Soap
Christopher B.

I've tried SEVERAL beard soaps and Brooklyn Grooming is by far and away the best!!!

Wiry Grey

My once dark beard is now grey and wiry. I use Grooming Balm to help tame and soften it. I like the subtle fragrance too.

Also Terrific!…

As with the BG Oils, this Pomade is top notch. I use it as a Beard Balm. Though it tames and styles, it holds without ever being greasy or stiffening the hair. Moisturizes as well. The scent is rather unique but after applying, fades into the background. Plus, it is one of the very, very few beard balms that are vegan.
No worries about bees wax allergies or dubious lanolin sourcing…

Excellent all round!


Both these oils (Red Hook & Williamsburg) are really terrific. Never greasy, they tame and moisturize. Their scents, though both unique are never cloying. And though long-lasting, quite subtle.

And the two pack saves a bit of money. Always appreciated.

Great product, great deal!


My husband and I both have found many uses for this magic oil. Initially purchased the small bottle and then another one and now the big one. It’s a little magic in a bottle, with a beautiful blue color. I can’t see how anyone would be disappointed in trying this unique product.