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Surprisingly Great

Afro-Am Male/44/Hair Type 4C

Packaging - 5/5
Close attention to detail was given when determining how the product is packaged. Really like the use of a tinted glass jar and the labelling is next level. It came in mini-cloth bag along with a couple of samples, which put it over the top.

Scent - 3.5/5
The scent reminds me of black licorice, which I cannot stand, but my wife and mother love. It's not overpowering, which is why its not a deal breaker.

Texture - 5/5
This stuff is extra creamy peanut butter smooth. Real consistent and very easy to scoop and apply.

Performance - 5/5
Keeps my waves in place while wolfing and provides a bit of a natural shine and my greys don't appear as prominent. Leaves my hair soft and provides a great deal of moisture.

Best natural pomade I've found that works on my hair. I don't have to add another product to stop my hair from drying out or to provide extra hold. Appreciate the attention to detail and the quality of the product. Would definitely buy again (bought the deodorant and face serum the day after I tried the pomade), but next time I will try the unscented version.

This is probably my favorite pomade

I work in medicine and I'm not allowed to have scented pomade so this is perfect. Also my hair is really stiff and this is powerful enough to style it how I like, but it doesn't get hard and crunchy. Also it washed out nicely which is important in case I get doused in germs at work.

If they offered it I would gladly shell out +$100 to get a costco-sized tub of the stuff. I love it that much.

Seir Gut!

Produce has excellent hold and feels good- natural. Holds like a western movie- like I haven’t washed in a week and use hat everyday.

Important find

I have tried many different deodorants and within a couple of days of use they have all left me with an underarm rash. This product does not.

Great product

Smells great and works very well on my beard. Plus I like the packaging for travel. I will be buying more.

Look no further. There is no other beard soap than BG Beard Soap.

Nothing better.

The best pomade on the planet. Thank you, McKenzie.

When your chin deserves the charm your personality provides

This oil has an amazing aroma that smells like bottled confidence and charisma. While it does a superb job of moisturizing beard hair, the bouquet of an epic woodland experience sends positive signals to your brain throughout the day. My buddy turned me onto Pilgrims Beard Oil and now consider it AI for your beard.

Pilgrim's® Recovery Oil
Timothy Kendall
The secret

I’ve been a fan of this oil for a few years now and I’ve recently re-upped another order as my young kids have growing pains and this magical oil helps them through a late night attack. They now ask for it knowing it calms their nerves and gets things settled to return to sleep. I’m so thankful this product exists.


I have been using for years!! Consistently a great product. Thank You BG for continuing to produce a high quality grooming oil!!!

I liked this shirt so much that after I mistakenly dried it at high temperature and it shrunk too much for me to wear (I have a very long torso, and it’s a tad too short now) I bought another one which I will hang dry! Super soft, and rad graphics on front and back.

The bowl is constructed of very nice wood, perfect size for the beard soap, and the engraved design is killer!

Grooming Balm 2 Pack Full size

Tattoo Balm 2 oz.
Bruno Fortin

Thank you so much for this amazing product I love it and leaves my tattoo very bright merci du Canada

I love this stuff.

Honestly, it's just perfect. Easy to soften on my hands, easy spreading on my hair, and gives really excellent soft hold.

Beard feels great, I look great, and I smell great!

Rosewood shaving brush
Michael D'Amico
Rosewood synthetic shaving brush

The Rosewood synthetic shaving brush from " Brooklyn Grooming" appears to be a NICE and HANDSOME brush. I have not yet used it in rotation but feel confident it will perform WELL.

Beard balm

The new one doesn’t blend well in my palm and leaves bits in my beard

Beard soap or nothing at all

I've been using Anchor beard balm (grooming balm) for many years. I also use the beard oil on weekends when I'm looking more relaxed than weekday professional.

I never have much thought about using anything other than shampoo on my beard. One day I felt like trying out the beard soap and ordered it on a whim. Upon first use, I realized that I've been wasting time using anything else. It smells F'n amazing. Makes my beard whiskers soft and manageable. I love it so much that if I run out of it without a backup bar in the house, I don't think I'll even bother cleaning myself at all. Just buy it.

Pretty good.

What I love about it:
• Natural, clean ingredients. That's a big plus.
• Unscented is great. It's super hard to find unscented hair clay.
• Great value. Really large jar for the price.

• The hold is medium, in my opinion, and doesn't last more than a few hours in my hair. Adding more product makes it greasy.

I recommend this product just for the fact that the ingredients are natural and it's a great value, and I love to see entrepreneurs being successful and providing a quality product.... but I would say don't expect a super high hold. Oh, and the fact that they offer a 1 oz travel size for $9 is great-- a nice way to sample the product without paying too much. Give it a try!

Great Product

This vegan pomade was better than I expected. Holds great, not too strong & not too light. Easy to rinse out and has a good look to it.

Best beard oil

I've been using this beard oil for about 10 years now, have tried other products during that time, and none have compared in fragrance or moisturizing. First bought it when I lived east coast, and have since lived all over the US west and middle, but this is always with me and a quick ship away if I need a restock. Wife loves the scent and it's the smell of when we first met to her which is something special too!

Good but not GREAT!

The matte cream helps in styling your hair but doesn’t have much hold. I

Good product

Always a good quality product. The customer service has been very good too.

BG Tiger shirt
Roland Quirion