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Love it

I wanted to buy some oil but wasn’t sure which scent, this packs lets me try them all. It makes my beard feel healthy and great without being too oily!

Great stuff

I’ve been using the beard oil products since they launched. They’re great at keeping the skin under my beard healthy.

Smells great cleanc great

Great Brush

Great brush - soft bristles with a beautiful handle and cool BG logo on the bottom. I found BG after googling shaving brushes and found one on their site that caught my eye. I have no affiliation with BG but wanted to support this small business. Support small business, local or not as they need us!

Good balm and smells great

Really enjoy this grooming balm.

Just like the Blue Cyprus Pilgrim's, but not fighting with my other scents!

Men's Handmade Mustache - Beard Comb

Beard Brush

I recently bought this for my husband, who had been complaining about mask-wearing wreaking havoc on his beard, and he says it literally changed his life!

Beechwood and Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Very good

Gave the comb as a gift. It was smaller than expected, but works great. Recipient is very happy with how it neatens his beard.

Haven’t received it

I’d like to give a good review on this, but it had not yet made it to my mail box

Great product

Love the ingredients, scent, consistency, not to mention organic and cruelty free. Product feels great and lasts long, leaves beard soft while still providing a hold. Nice packaging and service too. Very interested in trying some other products.

Love this stuff

So glad to be able to get this online. The local store that sold it here had to close down. Amazing beard oil.


Sharp and original design. Love this pin.

Skull and Snake Enamel Pin

Sweet design with super looks. What a great purchase.

Great products

BG is my go to for all things related to beard care. They are the best in the business! Highly recommended.

Bring Back the Big 4oz. Bottle!

Price it appropriately. 2oz. bottle are environmentally wasteful.

Great hold

Great hold, but yet flexible and washes out easily. Only need a very small amount daily. Superb pomade.

Never received it

Excellent facial oil

I use 5 drops for my face and neck daily. I appreciate the smell very much and my skin feels hydrated.

I DEPEND on this stuff!

I've been using Brooklyn's Fort Greene and Williamsburg (my favored scents) mustache waxes at least since I first encountered them in an actual Brooklyn, NY shop ca. 2012 or 2013. As an otherwise bald guy with a handlebar mustache I wax and curl to keep out of my mouth (it would be all ragged from absentminded chewing otherwise), this stuff is my salvation. A good pinch on each end every morning after a shower, then combed out about five minutes later, and I'm good to go! Lovely product - can't recommend highly enough for the grooming needs of anyone with face fuzz!

The best

Been using these products for years now. Saw their add on plane and gave it shot. Ever since I could not use any other products.


Very good service, as usual. Great Xmas presents.

Great Products

I’ve been using Brooklyn Grooming products for 5 or 6 years and have really enjoyed them and will continue to purchase their products.
From the start I have moistened my skin & mustache with the grooming oil before applying beard balm or stache wax. Now I see it’s a suggested routine by BG.
My favorite thou, was the mustache wax, too bad it’s been discontinued.
Great Products from a hometown business, Thanks

Excellent as always

Long time customer and never disappointed. Williamsburg scent brings great memories.