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Grooming oil and balm duo
Great combination

I unexpectedly received a sample of the Anchor Grooming Oil in my previous order, and I immediately loved the scent. This time, I ordered it along with Commando Balm. The combination is great; the Commando Balm holds my beard in place while not taking over the great scent of the Anchor Oil. Oh, yeah, my beard looks and feels great.

Love it

This is a great natural pomade. I've tried several other brands and this is my favorite. Great hold, non-greasy, and rinses off the hands easily. Hair can be re-styled throughout the day and even the next day. Clean ingredients. Very reasonably priced.

Difficult to Apply

The formulation of this product is too dense. It’s difficult to get the correct amount in your palm and it doesn’t heat up when you rub your hands together which makes difficult to apply. I appreciate that it is unscented and all natural but I have not been able to use it for its intended purpose.

Nice product. Husband likes will continue to order.

Great pomade. Basically gives me that 2nd day post-wash hair. Hair can be rearranged as needed; it does the job.
If you want the hair to be locked into place, it may not be the right product for you. The lack of scent is great, I am very scent-sitive to artificial perfumes so I don't have to worry about that.

Red Hook Hair Pomade 2 oz.
Katharina Heinrich
Fantastic Classic Pomade

My boys love it! Nice scented pomade, easy to handle. Strong hold. Easy to wash out. Highly recommend it.

He loved it !!! Uses the brush daily

Beard Soap
Nicholas Adelung
Simply the best!

I’ve been using this product for about 10 years now. It’s the only soap I’ll ever use when wearing a longer beard. Not only does it make the condition of my facial hair great it works really well at getting all that dead skin out from under my beard. Which makes for a much healthier appearance. I don’t think I would ever trust another product.

Great as always

My favorite is Red Hook.

Pilgrim's Wild orange and Cedarwood Matte cream

Beard Soap
Chuck T.
Awesome Beard Soap!

I've been using this soap for a few years now and I love it. It smells great and lathers up really well. I especially like that it is a bar of soap that can last me several months of everyday use. Highly recommended!

Great product and my husband loves how well it tames his beard.

Nice smell and it’s not overwhelming scent.

Beard Soap

My husband loved it and especially the beard bar soap. Highly recommend these products.

The Best Balms

Both products had a delightful scent that lingered throughout the day, adding a subtle yet pleasant fragrance to my beard. I appreciate the versatility of these beard balms, as they not only tamed unruly hair but also nourished and promoted overall beard health.

This Is Sure To Become A Favorite!

I have been using Brooklyn Grooming products since 2012 and the Wild Orange and Cedarwood Grooming Oil for a couple of weeks. I am very happy with this new product from the mind and imagination of McKenzie Santiago. This grooming oil is not only for beards, but also for hair and skin. It has a wonderful scent of cedarwood and orange, which is fresh and uplifting. It also contains hempseed, sesame, jojoba, argan, and Peru balsam oils, which are organic and nourishing for the hair and skin. The oil is absolutely light and non-greasy, and it absorbs quickly, leaving my beard soft, smooth, and shiny. It also helps to reduce frizz and itchiness, and makes my beard easier to comb and style.
If you are looking for a high-quality grooming oil that smells great and works wonders, I highly recommend Brooklyn Grooming Wild Orange and Cedarwood Grooming Oil. It is definitely one of McKenzie’s best grooming oils, and I will be ordering more soon.

Clay pomade

Being a hair product enthusiast, this product is by far the most disappointing for me. Reasons being: not have a strong hold as it claims or maybe not good enough for long hair. Secondly, claims it has matte finish but absolutely it doesn’t. Not gonna waste my money again!

Killer pomade

I've tried a lot of craft brands and this one is by far one of my favorites. Scoops out like body butter lotion, and has a hold that lasts all day without being crunchy or dried out. I can restyle throughout the day and it holds strong. I highly recommend this product. Will definitely be buying this again.

Mmm, smells fresh!

The new scent is not exactly what I expected, but still great! BG is a great company with great customer service! If you're like I was years ago and looking for a good beard oil, look no further. I do recommend!


Pilgrim’s deodorant smells amazing. Subtle, herbal, masculine, addictive. The product pills on the skin, so I wish it was softer/ creamier. But this doesn’t make me want to stop using it. Also, I appreciate the environmentally safe packaging.

Clay Pomade Review

I have tested over a hundred of homebrews. I always try a houses clay pomade.

This one different. It has a high emulsifying was content, which I typically avoid.

But the packaging is so nice, I had to try this one.

Hold - I wouldn’t say it is a heavy hold. I would say it is firm/medium. Still good enough to hold your hair throughout the day.

Scent - I love this scent. It is exactly as described. Stays in the hair for awhile too. Eventually goes away. But for the first hour or so, it smells wonderful.

Look/Feel - This has a lot of texture. I was pleasantly surprised. It feels light in the hair and gives volume. It doesn’t feel heavy but firm and light. I love it. I would say it is a healthy matte. Not dry but healthy matte.

Wash - Just water and it is out.

Overall - Even though I stay away from products with emulsifying wax, this one is an exception. The texture is amazing, the smell is amazing, and feel is amazing. I do wish it had more hold to, maybe if they added some beeswax, it would help.

Highly recommend trying it!

Brush goes beyond the beard

Although this is sold as beard brush it can be used as a wave brush as well, which was my main reason for purchasing.

Bristles: If anyone is familiar with wave brushes this is a bit stiffer than a medium, but softer than a hard. The brush has high quality boar bristles, unlike other brushes where there is a mix of boar and plastic. Has great pull on the hair and bristles don't scratch my head or face.

Usability: You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but it has a crescent shape, which is great for getting more of the brush to contact with your head and face. Same size of a regular wave brush, which is great as it helps define the wave patterns and requires less strokes. It also does a great job with directing my beard.

Overall this is an awesome brush that can be used on the hair on top of your head and face. Great design, branding, packaging and wood. A few loose bristles may fall out after the first couple of days, but this is normal when compared to other brushes I've used.

Confused and broken

I love their deodorants, never had a problem before. This time the deodorant split off as I was about to use it and fell and of course landed in the garbage can. I know the canister can be slightly difficult as it doesn't stay completely out as a normal one does (and to me I'll deal with it as the container is less harmful to the environment) but I've never had the deordorant itself split off.

So good but be careful when applying

I have had a "go-to" in natural deodorants with cardboard (no plastic) containers. Love my other BG products so thought I'd give this a try. The results are amazing - can go all day without odor. Just be careful when applying. The instructions say to push up a tiny amount of product and this is what you have to do otherwise if you are an "aggressive applicator" like me ;), you can break the product and find yourself with a bit of a mess. Tiny amount, apply slowly and enjoy the day with no odor. Love that the scent is very subtle but amazing nonetheless. A bit more $ than my other go-to but will add this to my routine.

Great Hold and Smells Great

The clay pomade always has given me the hold I need to chunk or spike. The wild orange and cedarwood is a bonus - every time I do my hair, my wife asks me what smells so good. She still can’t believe it’s my pomade!