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Love the scent, love the feel.

I like this grooming balm. I originally bought it to match the scent of the aftershave of the same scent name. I am not going to buy the beard oil, too. This grooming balm makes my beard softer to the touch, but I love the scent so much I want more of it. So balm + oil should do the trick.

Beard Balm Sampler
Arthur Leonard

Beard Balm Sampler

Love My Hair Even More

Great hold but doesn’t dry too hard. Allows me to restyle throughout the day without needing to apply more.

Great product great value

I like this deo a whole lot better than any drugstore bought product.
It works one hundred times better.
I recommend everyone to try it out!

Love it! Great cedar scent and keeps me fresh all day.

I smell like a stylish Gerbil! Which is a major improvement. ;)

superb quality product

Smooth on the skin, nice perfume, soft feel, not greasy. Fantastic product

Tattoo Balm 2 oz.
Kalyn Faulkner
Not for me

I got a tattoo the day after getting my tattoo balm. Let the tattoo heal for a couple days and once it dried up and started to flake a bit I started to use the balm. The smell isn’t my favorite and on the 3rd day I developed 3 tiny bumps that have started to weep a little bit. Didn’t cause infection or anything but not a product that worked for me.

BG Tiger shirt
Jason DuBois

A great way to show everyone why my hair and skin look so good. Similar to all Brooklyn Grooming products, this shirt is high quality, looks great, and fits great.

I have been using this pomade or their similar products for a few years now. This is my go to hair product, it has great hold and smells great.


I recently bought this after running out of my pilgrims pomade (which lasted me over half a year!) I love the scent on both, and plan on trying the others as I go through them. I work in the kitchen a lot and it holds pretty well throughout the day.

Blue Velvet is smooth.

I’ve enjoyed BG products for years, almost from the company’s inception. The Blue Velvet Serum is a time-tested favorite. Light to the touch with no sticky aftermath. Aromatically pleasing and never heavy. Blue Velvet lingers on my skin like kisses from THE woman in my love story. Singularly distinctive and approachable. Try it.

The best (and only) oil I’ll use for my beard. Love the feel and crisp green smell (Fort Greene)

Williamsburg Beard oil

Smells great and keeps my beard from drying out. Especially helpful in winter months!

Hard to find

I have had a hard time finding an unscented hair clay with clean natural ingredients. This is the answer to my search and it works perfectly.

Great Product

I've been using your grooming oil since you first came out with the Fort Green scent. I switched to the Williamsburg scent a year or so ago and love it. My beard stays soft and my skin is free of dryness and rashes as long as I apply the oil regularly.

Beard lovers set
George Dellinger
Birthday Gift

Our freind Adam was overjoyed with his first beard self care kit. He’d never taken care of his beard before, never groomed it . And now understands the importance of conditioning , brushing , styling it . He’s excited to live a new life with a stylish beard.

5 stars

Excellent product !


Product was not even close to matte. Did not have much hold or endurance.

I've been using this morning and night on some shoulder tendonosis. It rubs in very well, doesn't stain, and washes off my hands easily. The fragrance is easy and subtle (very nice!). Very good liniment for warming up joints and muscles without the strong sensations and odours.

Grooming Oil sampler kit
christopher demers
Great gift to myself.

I've only had the opportunity to buy one or two scents prior to this purchase. Bought this when I saw it was going on sale. I have tried all of the scents in the box and I love every one of them. Another quality product.

Men's Handmade Mustache - Beard Comb

This is an excellent comb. I like the size. I only wish now that I had purchased the case that goes with it.

$1.50 williams mug soap much better

Bought on impulse. Worst shave soap I’ve ever used. Will not lather properly no matter what i do. Can’t even finish one pass without having to reapply. Williams Mug or Van Der Hagen are way better for a fraction of the money.


I really wanted to like this product after looking for a clay without too much scent. It is nice that it doesn’t have a strong smell, but it doesn’t have the type of hold or texture I expect from a grooming clay product. It feels more oily and the hold is not strong and doesn’t last all day.

Clay pomade - Wild orange and Cedarwood

My Best Brush Yet

I’ve had a few brushes including a good BG brush I still use. But this is by far my favorite. The size is very good for both my hand and beard and the bristles stiff enough to brush well but soft enough to feel nice on my face. I really like this brush.