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A beard growers guide for beginners

A beard growers guide for beginners

I write about wet shaving, beards, mustaches and the gentlemanly arts. I heard you guys like beards, and I figured there a few guys among you who were going to be trying it for the first time, so I wanted to impart a bit of hard-earned wisdom where I could.

So, check it out: a quick beginners guide to growing a beard.

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The Tale of The Epic Beard

The Tale of The Epic Beard
Beards can be pretty legendary things; they can simply linger on the intermediate stage of not quite a full on beard, more of a stubbly ambivalent affair, or grow into an accumulation of some magnificent full-on facial beauty. We love them either way; a beard is a beard, all things considered. They can be short, long, frizzy or coiled. Deep burgundy or a profound russet with lingering hints of silver. Each to their own, an individual ‘beard brand’ if you will.

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