Summer Shaving Tips

June 29, 2017

Shaving Tips From Brooklyn Grooming

Shed your layers, and shave your beard, the summer heat waves have finally appeared. Find relief from the oppressive temperatures of July and August in the rejuvenating routine of a wet-shave. Often compromised in a world that favors efficiency and quantity over quality and class, what seems like the archaic practice of a proper wet-shave is not as daunting as you may initially think. Here are a few helpful steps that will guide you in producing a clean, smooth shave that your forefathers would be proud of:

1. Wake yourself up in a gentle rinse of warm water that will open up skin pores and soften the rough stubble of yesterday.

2. Place a small amount of shaving soap into a bowl, lightly dampen your brush in water, then swirl to create a creamy lather that will blanket your face in nourishing protection. This will impart the necessary hydration while it lubricates, promoting optimum razor passage, boosting the skin's post-shave recovery and refining its overall moisture quotient.

Brooklyn Grooming’s Commando shaving soap is made using a traditional handmade cold process method, and is a goldmine of natural, organic skin-enhancers.

3. With the brush, apply the lather in gentle, circular motions until the area to be shaved is covered in a generous layer. The importance of a quality shaving brush cannot be emphasized enough. The brush not only generates a thick, rich demulcent, but also smoothly exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin, and raising the hairs on your face in preparation for the shave. Badger hair has been used for more than two centuries to make the finest shaving brushes. The softest, highest quality degree of brush is the super badger brush.

Brooklyn Grooming’s first very first limited edition "Super Badger Hair" Shaving Brush is chosen by the more discerning wet shaver for its softness on the skin and water retention qualities.

4. When shaving, use slow strokes with precision, being careful not to press too deeply into your skin. You should shave in the same direction that your whiskers grow. If you miss a spot, no worries, just get it on the next stroke. Most people choose either a double edged safety razor or a straight razor to shave with.

5. Finally, rinse with cold water to close up the pores, then pat your face dry and apply after-shave, because even the best razors leave behind microscopic abrasions that need healing.

Brooklyn Grooming’s Anchor is a soothing after shave made with cooling cucumber extract and restorative aloe vera gel to give your face a truly satisfying treatment that will calm and temper the skin. There's also organic vegetable glycerin, a natural humectant, which draws and traps moisture from the air.

Don’t let the summer heat trap you into mundane routine. Refresh yourself with one that will leave your skin feeling nourished, clean, moisturized, and smoother than ever before. This summer, get wet & wet-shave.

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