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Our Rebrand Has Arrived

Finally new products, packaging and a new us! It took nearly a year to complete this rebrand and a lot of love, patience and hard work was put into it. I had to pull favors from my lovely partner who shot all of our photography and to our family friend who did all the editing. The packaging was designed and conceptualized by the extremely talented Joshua Minnich who I randomly found through Instagram while scrolling through feeds and boy am I so happy I did.

It was refreshing to meet a designer who right away understood the brand and which direction it wanted to go. Our older packaging represented who we were in 2012 and since then we have grown as a company. My whole vision for the brand changed with the birth of my son when suddenly all of the important loves of my life came into clear view. 

This rebrand represents a new us in a big way, we thought hard about the products we wanted to keep and the new products we wanted to offer our customers. I know some of you may have questions and please do not hesitate to ask us anything. We can be reached at

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Here are some questions I have received thus far:

Q: Are the pomades going away?

A: Yes, the current formulation we have been making for the last 8 years is now a last chance item until supplies run out. We have now streamlined the products to be multi- use.The Grooming balms can all be used as a pomade, but please note the formula will be less waxy and the hold slightly lighter. Some new benefits are it will be easier to wash out with shampoo and all of the ingredients nourish and support the hair, scalp and skin. 

Q: I love the aftershaves, are they being discontinued?

A: Yes, for now until we run out we will be discontinuing our Anchor aftershave. I will be adding a new toner/ aftershave to the line eventually and please rest assured we still have plenty in stock, so grab them while they last. 

Q: I have been a customer for a while, is there anything specific I should know about the new products?

A: Yes! All of our products have been formulated to be multi-use, meaning instead of purchasing a separate beard oil, facial serum and hair oil you can purchase a " Grooming oil" saving you time and money for your daily grooming regimen.

Q: Whats the deal with the new stuff?

A: We are making more efforts to make our line unisex, we would love for everyone to enjoy our products. The new Blue Velvet Facial Serum is a product that you and yours can share. I share mine with my partner and its so nice to have one product line our cabinets that we can both use. I wanted to offer more products that promote healing such as our Pilgrim's Recovery oil which is a natural sports liniment that smells like a walk in the woods and not a cough drop. We also wanted to bring back some customer favorites like our Machine oil Flask. We take every suggestion, criticism and request seriously and appreciate any feedback sent our way. Our goal is to offer you products that you will fall in love with and enjoy using.

We'd like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to all of our wonderful customers and Stockists who have made it possible for us to continue doing business. Without your support we would not be here so THANK YOU!






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Pilgrim's Blue Cyprus and Coconut Deodorant is amazing

This stuff smells good, and lasts all day. I have had skin irritation from most other commercially available deodorant and have tried everything from the alum crystals to "natural" products. They don't work and contribute to bad smelling underarms. I thought I was just stuck living with it, until a small boutique in Astoria, OR recommended the product. I love it!!!

Clay Pomade

This stuff is great! Finally a pomade that can hold my hair style that’s unscented. I have a lot of sensitivity that doesn’t let me use many products so this is a real win for me. Plus the art on the product is dynamite! So happy

Grooming Oil 2 Pack Full Size
william leverenz jt

Grooming Oil 2 Pack Full Size

Excellent Product

I bought this a few years ago almost as a joke - Machine Oil?! Had to try some. It's now a regular part of my morning ritual, Don't leave home without it!

Great Product

Grew my hair out during quarantine and wanted to change up my hair product. Love the natural feeling and hold of this product. Great smell like all of the other products offered by Brooklyn Grooming.