Each Brooklyn Grooming product is designed to do two things: provide high-level performance and results safely and naturally, and transport the wearer through thoughtfully crafted scents. We have studied the science of botanicals to develop the most powerful and healthy products. Many of the plants and extracts in our formulas have been cherished by different cultures for centuries. To maximize their effectiveness, we source the highest-quality ingredients and use proprietary mixtures and techniques.

Every single Brooklyn Grooming product is a celebration of old-school traditions and modern-day innovations. We’re committed to making natural, mood-enhancing fragrances that capture the originality of Brooklyn and our clients. Each scent profile is unique, nuanced, and highly appealing. They soothe the soul and energize the mind. To ensure that our high standards of quality and sustainability are met, we measure and prepare every product by hand in our studio. It’s hard work, but we love it: it’s how we spread love, the Brooklyn way.


Mckenzie Santiago started experimenting with natural skincare and grooming products in 2005, and officially founded Brooklyn Grooming in her small NYC kitchen in 2012.

“When I started, I was really searching for men’s products for myself. I prefer scents that are traditionally associated with men’s grooming products: they’re earthy and sexy, complex yet subtle. As I started digging into ingredients and research, I was shocked to find that the majority of conventional grooming and skincare products are loaded with fillers and dangerous chemicals. I believe all men and women deserve safe, effective, and sensual products and scents. And so Brooklyn Grooming was born.”

Today, Mckenzie continues to live, work, and play in Brooklyn with her partner and son. “I have extremely high standards for Brooklyn Grooming. What we do today affects the future of my community and our entire world. I take every decision seriously and question how it will influence the way my customers look and feel about themselves, and how the earth will be impacted. We do not take shortcuts, and we never settle for anything shy of excellence.”


Since we believe that nature creates the best products, we need to protect it. We constantly evolve our practices to become better and kinder to people and the planet.

Source sustainable, organic and local ingredients

We never have or will test on animals

Package all of products in non-plastic containers like glass, paper and aluminum.

We reuse all of our shipping and packaging materials.

We are passionate about giving back

We donate a portion of our proceeds each year to organizations that protect the environment and support people in need. Here is a list of charities we have donated to in the past and will continue to support.