Spring Weekend Getaway

April 07, 2017

Spring Getaway Essentials

For those of us who have been cooped up indoors most of the winter, the first sign of spring has us begging for adventure. As the weather continues to get warmer, the opportunities for weekend vacations become more abundant and increasingly more enticing.  

While you pack your bags for your quick trip, be sure not to leave behind any essential grooming items. Even the most relaxing vacation can be tainted by neglecting to remember even the smallest necessities. For your convenience, we’ve put together a short list of the major prerequisites you will need on any trip, near or far.

Brooklyn Grooming Spring weekend getaway

No matter where you go, traveling in style is essential. That goes for your tooth brush and bathroom toiletries as well. Brooklyn Grooming offers a variety of travel bags that will not only carry your combs, soaps, and serums but will carry your style. With its leather strap and leather base, Brooklyn Grooming’s beautifully hand-crafted
Dopp Kit not only gives a classy impression, but is the perfect bag to ensure you always remember to pack your basic grooming needs.

Though luxuriously capacious, The Dopp Kit holds no room for that nagging
“I think I left something behind” feeling.

Brooklyn Grooming Dopp Kit

Named for professionals who work away from the office,
The Fieldman's Canvas Pouch was inspired by travel bags used by those who find themselves often away from home for work.

A classic design, a perfect carry all pouch finished with a zip closure, holding everything you need in one spacious main compartment.

A complement to comfort in every traveler's gear.

Fieldmans canvas pouch

Between the low-humidity on airplanes, and the change in climate temperature and atmospheric pressure, traveling can prove to be a difficult challenge in keeping a clear complexion. Bringing the right serums and soaps, as well as staying hydrated is vitally important in ensuring our vacation is a relaxing one without any skin breakouts. You want to take a serum that is used most consistently in your regular grooming routine as well as one that is most reliable in all conditions. Our Pilgrim’s Facial Serum is a concentrated blend of highly nutritive, reparative and beautifying oils (including the great equalizer jojoba and miracle moisturize argan) that help restore and maintain balance to the delicate skin of the face.

Pilgrim’s Facial Serum
is a botanical serum good for all skin types, even people with oily and problematic skin. The oils are light and absorb quickly, vanishing deep into the pores after only a couple minutes. It will enrich your skin with nutrients, safeguarding you from unwanted blemishes and breakouts.

While sightseeing on vacation, we are often walking a great deal more than we regularly experience, and this can lead to some uncomfortable situations. The combination of heat and friction can be severely painful to the sensitive skin of the groin and nether region. Avoid unnecessary suffering by applying our Pilgrim’s Machine Oil, a dermal lubrication derived from three essential oils-tea tree, lavender and cedarwood. These natural ingredients work together to create a healing foundation of relief that is effective, antibacterial, soothing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory.

Machine oil

Stored in a convenient stainless steel travel-sized metal flask, Pilgrim's can be easily packed in a suitcase to keep chafing at the bay when traveling. Whenever chafing strikes, Pilgrim's Machine Oil targets your problem areas to help you feel free and easy, like a well oiled machine.

You don’t have to wait until summer to escape away from the mundane. This year, let spring whisk you off on an adventure. But before heading off on your vacation, be sure to remember to pack Brooklyn Grooming essentials along with you! 


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