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End the Burn with Natural Shaving Oils

Everything is going great. You’re shaving like a master. Suddenly, you feel it. That burning sensation. You, my friend, have just experienced that most dreaded phenomenon -- razor burn. Now here’s the thing – it’s very possible that this could have been prevented by something very simple -- natural shaving oil.

It’s like this. Razor burn typically results from one of several causes. Perhaps in your eagerness for aesthetic perfection, you went too far. You didn’t mean to remove that much skin. Or possibly, you simply selected the wrong shaving instrument. Or -- and this is the most likely cause -- you went with the wrong product. Yes, the wrong shaving oil can lead to razor burn.

Essentially, the burn condition is the result of dried-out skin. Drained of moisture, the epidermal layer becomes prone to tearing and abrasion. But, you protest, how could a shaving oil cause such an unwelcome state-of-affairs? Easily. Many shaving oils -- far too many in fact -- contain harmful, skin-drying chemicals. Once skin is robbed of moisture, it becomes leathery -- vulnerable to tearing and nicks.

Does this mean all shavers are doomed to endless burns? Not at all. The good news is, natural shaving oils are free of harmful, skin-drying chemicals. Instead of damaging agents, these products contain only pure, organic ingredients that leave skin well-lubricated and smooth.

Brooklyn Grooming natural shaving oils certainly demonstrate the difference that premium ingredients make. Infused with all-natural extracts, these organic lubricants leave skin moisturized, smooth, and mercifully burn-free.

Would you like to learn more about our natural beard oils or other premium organic grooming products? Please contact Brooklyn Grooming for additional information and answers to all your questions.

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