Spring Cleaning

February 21, 2017

Beard Soap by Brooklyn Grooming

The days are growing warmer, the sun is setting later, there is an anticipation in the air as branches begin to bud, promising soon to bloom. Spring is indeed nearing! At long last, it is time to do some winter cleaning.

After being exposed to the harsh winds and bitter temperatures of winter, it is important to exfoliate the dead and dry skin on your face with a soap that will also protect the natural oils, leaving your facial hair looking and feeling ready for spring.

Brooklyn Grooming’s newly advanced Beard Soap
recipe is a richly nutritious combination of Vermont family farmed
goats milk, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and pure olive oil making it a goldmine of organic skin-enhancers that will scrub the beard without stripping away the natural oils allowing for a softer, cleaner result that won’t sacrifice the integrity of your skin.  
Spring is an excellent opportunity to trade in the heavier scents of winter and experiment with lighter ones. Pure essential oils of Cedar and Spruce, impart our soap with a warm, fresh scent that is a complimentary blend, both subtle and distinctive, softly stirring the senses from slumber to refresh mind, body and spirit. The rousing aroma is an enlivening balance of earth, wood, and spring.

Producing a light, foamy lather, the soap is a gentle cleanser that will awaken and revive your skin in soothing natural oils while moisturizing your beard in nourishing protection!


Though the winds of spring may not have the icy bite of the winter, they still have the gusto to whip across your face, irritating skin and damaging beard growth. It is helpful to keep applying oils all year round, as well as regular beard maintenance such as combing and trimming. Our hand-made iconic Beard Comb is made from natural cellulose acetate material, contains no plastic, and is a perfect tool for taming those wiry whiskers.

Alas, perhaps the most important key in maintaining healthy skin and hair is treating your body conscientiously by eating nutritious foods, exercising often, sleeping well, and staying hydrated. This spring, let your beard reflect nature’s season of restoration and growth, let your skin glow!

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