#AskSloan: Red Hook vs. Fort Greene

November 06, 2013 1 Comment

Best Beard Oils by Brooklyn Grooming

I have two questions please.What is the difference between Red Hook and Fort Greene, and how are they applied to the beard?  (Recommended by Men's Health magazine).


I love your questions because they bring me back to basics. I've been using, experimenting with, touting and in love with these products for so long that I sometimes forget they are still new to some people. So I'll get down off my esoteric high-horse for just one minute and say this: Welcome to the Brooklyn Grooming Collective.

A little background:

Red Hook and Fort Greene are but two of many neighborhoods in the sprawling and populous Kings County, New York. Brooklyn---as it's more commonly known---is the crown prince in the New York City Borough Dynasty. Since gentrification and the skyrocketing cost of living in Manhattan has pushed many young artists, creatives and fringe forward-thinkers from the Downtown scene into Brooklyn, over the last two decades or so the borough has taken on an identity of its own. No longer simply a "suburb," it is sanctuary, harbor and refuge to a burgeoning enclave of Nouvelle New Yorkers who seem to embrace a sense of community, history, simplicity and truth.

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE Manhattan and its denizens: there's nothing like the thrill of the Rat Race and the bright-lights-big-city-bustle. I once heard it phrased this way:

In Manhattan people ask "What do you do?" / In Brooklyn people want to know who you are.

So now onto our SIGNATURE SCENTS:

Red Hook is the historic home to factories, warehouses, a naval yard and a cruise terminal. In one word I would call its namesake fragrance SWASHBUCKLING. As you apply it you may notice its scent is sweet and reminiscent of cinnamon, but as the fragrance settles its earthier base of cardamom and spicy Bay Rum are what lingers.

Fort Greene has a varied musical history with clubs, recording studios and musicians long calling the neighborhood home. The fragrance is a deep earthen spice grounded in rosemary and juniper and rounded out by bergamot and lavender. It's my favorite of our three signature scents,

(and don't forget Williamsburg)

As for how to apply them to the beard, there are two products we make that are specifically for beards, the Whiskers Beard Oil and the Classic Beard Balm. 

Have a look HERE for a short video in which i demonstrate the simple application of Red Hook Beard Oil.

And HERE for directions for the Classic Beard Balm.

Happy Grooming!


1 Response

Baby beard
Baby beard

November 20, 2013

#asksloan I just started growing a beard and it’s coming in nice. The thing is I was always against growing one because of the itch, but finally found the balls to grow a beard. It’s been about 6 weeks and I’m liking it but what would be the best product to help it stay soft and hydrated ?

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