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#AskSloan: Pomade's Puzzlements and Payoffs

Hi Sloan,

Very interested in your Commando Hair Pomade. I am looking for a textured look and high shine, from a natural product that gives the hair separation and again, high shine. Easy to wash out a must!

Does your product fit this description?

Thanks in advance for your time and answer.



Dear Mike,

In this business, nothing inspires me more than a conscientious consumer. It is people like you who make the marketplace go 'round. Never buy something simply because a magazine tells you to. Research. Ask. Find out how you will best benefit from the spending of your own money.

In my observation, pomade is used to serve one of two major purposes: 

1. To Texturize.

The TEXTURIZING effect of lightly applied pomade

In order to achieve a look that incorporates body and movement into the overall aesthetic, pomade can help to shape the hair without shellacking it. I'm thinking this might be what you mean when you say are looking for a product that "gives the hair separation." Texture, or separation (of locks), adds clarity to your 'do and brings a measure of order to a deconstructed, casual or informal look that could otherwise appear slovenly.

When shooting simply for "texture," it's important to remember that you want a natural appearance. I like to rub pomade between the fingers*** and then softly run my fingers through my hair two or three times to let it "separate" itself. No combs! Fingers only!

 ***By "between the fingers" I mean between the index & the middle finger, between the middle finger & the ring finger, and between the ring finger & the pinky: if you have pomade all over your palms you're going to over-do it. Go easy. 


2. To Varnish.

Pomade's VARNISH effect used to famous results

Some fellows (and women, too, of course) appreciate the confidence afforded by knowing that the hair tonight will look exactly as it did this morning; that is, the less movement the better. This look takes a little more product (enough to literally coat every lock of hair) and the masterful use of a simple comb. If it's the Clark-Kent-Danny-Zuko hair that you're after, there's a lovely example of pomade's varnish effect in the slideshow on our new redesigned homepage), then palming the pomade is A-OK. Never mind relegating it to the fingers. Be liberal. Then it's High-Shine here we come!

Our pomade replaces the traditional use of animal fats and the modern reliance on pore-clogging petrolatum with the slick, silky sheen proffered by unrefined beeswax, shea butter and moisture-rich argon oil. And as for washing out easily, I expect what you're after, Mike, is a product that won't build up on your scalp.

Well, that is the beauty of using Brooklyn Grooming's Old School Pomade: it's all-natural, oil-base simply absorbs into the hair and scalp. It will never clog the pores of the scalp and it will never build up. You'll never have to worry about chemical reactions happening, like when you introduce some synthetic spackle to your hair: this stuff is organic, and so are you.

As I've often said here on the blog, I only shampoo about once a month, but I keep my hair healthy and beautiful with our pomade, which, for me, also functions as a leave-in conditioner to seal in moisture and stave off the negative effects of the environment.

Try it out. I know you'll like it!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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