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 Grooming Tips, Quotes & NoNsense from "Newyorkers of Note"

Mere moments after his highly publicized firing from The Village Voice where he'd been a columnist (La Dolce Musto) for over twenty-five years, author, blogger and genius talking head Michael Musto took the time from his rather eventful schedule to tweet us with his very own grooming advice. Tweeted Musto:

Vitamin E oil moisturizes and melts away the years.

For a man who's rubbed elbows with glitterati for going on 3 decades, we're banking on his knowing a thing or two about the melting away of years. As we were interested in his own personal grooming regimen, after further prodding, Musto told us how Vitamin E oil fit into his own grooming routine:

Every morning after apricot scrub

Ah, twitter. That 140 character limit certainly doesn't encourage complete thoughts or facilitate compelling quotations, but at least we got the gist! Thank you for taking the time, Mr. Musto!

The author of Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back (pictured here in a photo by Frankie C) didn't stay down for long: you can already catch Musto's new column at

And incidentally, if it's "melting away the years" you're after, you'll find Musto favorite Vitamin E is a key component in Brooklyn Grooming's very own skin-enlivening Facial Serum. Check it out!


Is there a Newyorker of Note whose grooming advice you're just dying to hear? Let us know in the comments section below!

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