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April 01, 2013

Shaving Suggestions


Straight Razor Tips:


Hey New Yorkers have you ever wanted to learn how to use a straight razor?

The New York Shaving Co. offers straight razor classes please check out the link HERE.

Since spring is comming and many of you are going to start shaving off your facial hair I wanted to offer you fellas some simple tips:


To begin you will need the following:


Staight razor

Shaving soap

Shaving oil

Badger brush + Mug


Leather Stop + oil.



Recommended tools:

Sponge for cleaning excess lather

Beard trimmers ( for longer hair)

Scissors ( for longer hair)




1) Start with opening your pores, best way to achieve this is steam from either hot water or a hot towel. I would recommend a hot towel since its much easier and takes less time.

For this step you will need a towel and warm water. Submerge the towel in warm water, ring untill almost dry and wrap around your face, let the towel sit for a few minutes. Your pores may need a bit to open up, think of them as a shy date, it might take two tries:)


2) Find a good shave soap. This can be tough since there is a ton of stuff out there and you want something that has a nice lather and scent. We find that a soap and shave oil in combo is amazing! Our friends at HUDSON MADE make a wonderful cedar wood shaving soap that lathers quite nicely. you can buy it HERE.  Use the soap in combo with one of our Shaving oils.


To use a shaving soap you will need a Shaving brush + Mug and hot water.

You can also purchase them at Hudson Made HERE. I mention hudson Made because I trust that their selection of products will be of the highest quality and made with integrity.


Next use hot water to work up a good lather, you can swish your brush around in the bowl and or lather your face directly with soap.It really a matter of preference and up to you.

*Wet your face with hot water prior to applying the soap.


3) Apply the lather like your using a paintbrush untill its nicely ditributed along your face. let it sit for 5 minutes, you want the hair folicles to soften. This is why a shaving oil is also recommended as it softens the hair folicle making it easier to shave and also protects your skin with a thin layer of oil, the soap will wash away any excess oil, giving you a clean shave.


warning: Straight razors can be dangerous and you can seriously hurt yourself, these tips are not intended for any other purpose than advice.

In other words don't hurt yourself and for the love of god don't sue me if you do.


Here is the anatomy of a Straight razor.

Here is a pic of how to hold it properly:


Some other helpful tips:


Make sure you buy a good straight razor, don't go cheap. Think of it as a tool you will have forever, you want to make sure your shaving with something nice, its an investment.

You'll need a leather strop to keep your baby sharp.

You can buy some incredible straight razors and tools from Royal Shave HERE


If you live in NY FSC barber and supply also offers a nice selection of Straight razors you can find their shop HERE.

*Get your razor sharpened, don't start off with a dull razor.

* Trim your hair before shaving as it much easier to shave.

*Stretch the skin before shaving, you want it taut otherwise you run the risk of injury.

*Don't hold the razor flat as you can rip your stubble off (ouch!)

*Shave with the grain for the first few passes. 3 passes give you an incredibly great shave.

* clean excess lather and hair with a sponge and keep your tools clean and dry once your finished shaving.

* Be careful and use common sense


“Common sense is the most widely shared commodity in the world, for every man is convinced that he is well supplied with it.” 

― René Descartes


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