Springtime grooming tips

March 30, 2013

Spring time mens grooming routine

" To shave or not to shave....that is the question"


 Springtime is just around the corner....Finally! Warm weather and sun is long overdue. With spring and Summer comming the question arises, should I keep my beard? It's up to you fellas. I totally get the desire to shave it all off and start fresh, after all you can always grow it back.

just remember the ladies and gents like beards all year round. It's true, beards are super sexy and with the emerging trend of beard growers scientist are wondering why.

We were recently featured in the NY TIMES for our beard oil. The entire article was about the rising trend of beard growers. There is some great info in the article.

you can read it HERE.

 If your having trouble deciding wether or not to shave your beard, maybe leave a bit of stubble. According to a recent study done by MENS HEALTH many women prefer stubble. The in-between is rugged and sexy and gives you a sharp appearance. I know I'm always checking out men who have a little stubble versus a full on beard. then again I like both looks for different reasons. Please check out the MEN'S HEALTH article  HERE.

A lot of men ask me what our beard oil is. I want to give you guys a quick answer.

 Our  beard oil is a blend of highly nutrient rich oils that tame hair follicles. Most importantly the oils penetrate to the first layer of skin beneath the beard, which tends to get dry and itchy. If your looking for a product that can moisturize your skin and tame your beard you've come to the right place.

Our beard oils are made with a few key ingredients like Argan oil which a prized Moroccan oil that is nutrient dense, lightweight and repairs and restores the skin and hair. 

Another key ingredient is hempseed oil which helps tame hair follicles and is the most nutrtitional oil available, it adds shine and manageability to hair and skin.

To use our oils dab a few small drops into your palm and warm into hands, massage into your beard, you'll notice a difference within a few minutes. The amount  to use will vary from beard to beard, some men will need more than others. 

Please feel free to email us with any comments or questions at mckenzie@brooklyngrooming.com




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