The Grooming Journal

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Giving love is important but if you are also planning on giving a gift this holiday season here are some suggestions:

1. Leather Comb Sleeve with Pocket Comb by Us  2. Maple Chocolate by Mast Brothers Brooklyn   3. Bone Anchor Knife by Best Made Co.  4. Bourbon Toothpicks by Daneson

5. After Shave Tonic by Crown Shaving Co,  6. Wood Beam Anchor Bracelet in Antique Brown  7.TVR Opt 504 Vintage JD Sunglasses 8. Mini Shampoo and Conditioner by Rudy’s Barbershop, 9. Field Notes Original Ruled Paper Memo Book

10. Rios Slim Straight by Freenote  11. Winston Woven Chestnut Watch by Komono  12. Musk Candle by C.O. Bigelow  13. Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet  14. Beard Oil Sampler Kit by Us

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