#AskSloan: Beard Oil v. Shave Oil

October 08, 2013

Shaving oil and straight razor

Dear Sloan,
I just bought on of your products via Urban Outfitters for my boyfriend.  It was labeled as 'beard' oil but they sent me 'shave' oil.  Can the shave oil be left in the beard like the beard oil? 
Nettie Boop

Hi Nettie...

Absolutely! All our products are comprised of organic botanical ingredients and natural oils, so there should be no worry about leaving anything on the skin.

I have been known to use one oil in the place of another in a pinch, or if i haven't always been the most conscientious in packing an overnight bag.
Now, as our products have all been formulated and balanced with specific intents, I can't guarantee that the results will be the same. 
If you cannot exchange the product through Urban Outfitters' website or perhaps in-store for a credit, the Shave Oil will be fine for a beard moisturizer. (You can also use it on your legs or underarms to shave)
Next time, acquaint yourself with brooklyngrooming.com ... all our orders are packaged by hand by us and mistakes like these are---to my knowledge---unheard of. 
We're always happy to help, and we're so excited you've chosen us to help your boyfriend look and feel his best.
You're a good girlfriend!
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Nettie Boop (she of the fabulous alias) replied to our heartfelt advice having received the message loud and clear...
Thanks for taking the time to coming up with a most fabulous response.  I AM a good girlfriend! :)

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