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For the love of Balms!

It's about to be that time of the year - the time where you trade in your shorts for jeans, flip-flops for boots and tank tops for overcoats. But one thing typically stays the same, and that's your grooming regimen. That luscious beard you've been growing all year has finally found another purpose other than looking devilishly handsome - keeping your face warm. Now, all you have to do is take care of it.

You reach for your favorite Brooklyn Grooming Beard Balm and begin to notice your balm is getting a bit grainy. Have no fear! No, your product hasn't gone bad. No, there's no weird chemical reaction going on in the tiny tin. And finally, yes, there's a simple way to fix this.

One of the most used ingredients in grooming is shea butter. And it's pretty obvious why. For starters, this great little gift melts at body temperature - it's super easy to work with. Further, shea butter is a natural provider of Vitamin A, which has been found to not only be extremely moisturizing, but also can treat some skin allergies, bug bites, sun burns, frostbites and more. As amazing as shea is, it is the culprit to your grainy balm.

Shea is made up of a ton of super fats. Initially, when we produce balms, the shea is melted and mixed with the other ingredients. When the product gets too cold, though, the fats try to re-solidify as tiny granules. If you're into that, and the granules don't bother you, more power to you. The product is still 100% OK. But here are a couple of simple tips on how to fix that pesky shea.

1. Place your beard balm in a freezer bag. Boil water in a kettle. Make sure it's enough to cover your tin in a bowl. Once the water has boiled or the kettle whistled, pour the water into a bowl as deep or deeper than the beard balm tin. 

Let the water cool for about 30 seconds. Then, place your bag in the bowl, and put a lid on top of the bowl trapping in all of the heat. 

In about 5 minutes, your beard balm should be creamy and ready for the fridge (not the freezer). Use tongs to remove the balm, as it will be hot. After about half an hour in the fridge, your balm is good to go!

2. Have a radiator or other indirect heat source? Awesome! Simply place your tin on it, and in about 20 minutes your balm is as good as new - just a bit warmer.

Ultimately, any situation that involves indirect heat will most benefit your balm in getting it back to its original state. Some tips, though, include do not microwave your tin. It could produce some sick fireworks, but it would definitely ruin your balm. Also, reincorporating your shea may sound like a long process, but with all of the benefits it provides, it's best not to compromise it in any way. Finally, keep your balm in a warm, dry area.

Take these tips and get that beautiful beard back to its glory. Keep it smooth, and keep it kempt.

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