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#AskSloan: Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

Hello Dan!
Thank you for your interest in our brand and products! You've asked a question that bears revisiting for new customers and the newly bearded alike.
***Readers: note that Dan meant to ask "oil or balm" --- "pomade" was a typo***
How Your Beard Benefits
Sesame and hempseed oils---the key moisturizers in both our Whiskers Beard Oil and Classic Beard Balm---help to boost, balance and maintain the moisture quotient within your facial hair as the beard changes and grows. (And as you newbies will come to understand, the beard is in constant flux.) 
I've heard countless men complain that after a few weeks of growth their beards start to get "scratchy" and therefore must immediately be shaved off. What many fail to realize is that this awkward, uncomfortable phase is simply your face figuring out what to do with itself now that it's wearing a beard. The skin naturally provides a layer of sebum to coat hair all over the body. And when there's suddenly lots of hair where there hasn't been before, the skin will obviously need some time to catch up and find its balance..
Thanks to our Beard-Moisturizing oils and balms, never again will you have to sit back and let your face crust over in shell-shock before it finally realizes it's got to kick up the sebum production. From the very first day of beard growth through the dreaded day you senselessly decide to shave it, a little added moisture from Brooklyn Grooming's Beard Conditioners gives your beard and skin the moisture and nutrition they need to keep the hair growing healthy and steady.
We all know that properly moisturized skin is necessary to bountiful hair growth. But beyond providing the perfect environment for hair to grow, our oils and balms also protect your hair by creating a barrier between beard and the elements, protecting it from harsh climates, debris, smoke, and the rigors of daily face-washing.
And then there's the gloss, the clarity, the sheen that a layer of Brooklyn Grooming's oil or balm will provide that will make your beard look brand new, healthy and italicized. People will notice.    
Balm vs Oil
It's important to remember that our oils and balms contain exactly the same organic, nutritive moisturizers. The difference lies in the addition of shea butter and unrefined beeswax to give the balm a hardier hold. I have used both balm and oil, separately and together. I have even mixed the two together to create an oilier balm. Here's what I've gathered:
  • The Beard Oil is best suited for young beards (still in their stubble phase), beards (of any length) comprised of hair that is virtually straight to only slightly wavy, thicker beards and beards that are easy to comb or brush. These are the beards that will best hold the oil without letting it drain away or evaporate and that probably won't require the added moisturizing qualities of the shea butter and beeswax.
  • The Beard Balm will best benefit beards with a little more length on them, especially those that are kinky, curly, bushy or bristly in texture. The balm will be easier to spread out over unruly hair ensuring that you're able to coat it from all sides. Balm will also be good for beards that aren't super thick, patchy beards or beards that don't offer black-out coverage over the cheeks and jawline. Because there is more space between the hairs, the oil alone could trickle away without remaining trapped in the beard where it is needed most. the stronger cling of the balm will help the beard to hold onto the nutrients and the moisture for longer.
Of course, I think your best bet is to try our Beard Conditioning Duo which features an oil and a balm. That way you can try for yourself, and find what works for you. (I apply oil in the morning and balm at bedtime.) .     
Let me know how it goes....
Happy Grooming,
~ ~ ~ ~ 

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