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We Love Your Feedback!

It's letters like these from customers the world over that remind us exactly why we do what we do here at Brooklyn Grooming. Cheers to you, Jeff!


Dear McKenzie,
(I take it you are the “M.” from the postcard)

I am writing to thank you for a truly inspirational product!  And by inspirational I mean that I find myself invigorated and smiling each time I apply your products.  I have been using the Williamsburg Beard Oil and Balm for a few weeks now and I am grateful for the time, consideration, taste and personal touch that went into all aspects of the Brooklyn Grooming.  
As long as I have hair on my face your products will have a home there too!


Jeff S.


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278 reviews
Great product

It’s a natural product that healed my tattoo great

Top Notch Grooming Products

BG Beard Soap is the best out there! Smells great, feels great and lasts a long time.

Good product.

I like the way this product works. The only issue is the amount of product you get versus the cost. Very expensive for what it is.

Love this product!!

Best baking soda free natural deodorant!

I have been using this deodorant for over a year now and without a doubt I can say this is the best natural deodorant I have ever used. I have tried so many before but each one gave me really bad skin reactions because so many are made with baking soda, and the other baking soda free options I tried just didn’t work. One stick probably lasts me close to a month, I only have to apply it once a day and it lasts all day no matter if it’s a day at the office or a day of hiking. I also love the packaging! Anyway I can cut one use plastic out of my life the better! The scent is great, very woody but still fresh. All around a 5 out of 5 star product!