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A New Addition to the Brooklyn Grooming Collection

The idea for Pilgrim's Classic Hair Tonic came about while cosmetics maven and Brooklyn Grooming co-founder Mckenzie Santiago was having a simple conversation with boyfriend Sam Chase.

The problem Sam was having was that his hair product didn't seem to last as long as he needed it to. Halfway through the day, or even into the early part of the evening, his coarse, wiry hair would break out into chaos from the order his pomade had kept it in.

Was the product simply evaporating? Is his hair just too wild to be tamed? Who's to say?

The solution Mckenzie came up with is Pilgrim's Classic Hair Tonic which, by the way, is named for Mr. Chase, whose middle name happens to be Pilgrim.

The tonic adds a barrier layer between your hair and your product, giving the product something to cling to, extending its life throughout the day and night. With a few drops of Pilgrim's combed through your manly mane, you'll never have to worry about your product soaking in, building up, caking on or giving out.

Essentially, our tonic conditions your hair. Often after shampooing, our hair becomes too clean, rinsed free of its natural oils and layers of natural conditioning. Whether you've experienced the same problem as Sam, we're sure you will benefit from a little extra all-natural moisture giving your hair body, movement, shine and even the appearance of enhanced thickness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Last fall I started swimming a few times a week for fitness. It has done wonders for my physique and for my respiratory well-being. But I gotta tell you, it is murder on the skin and hair. As soon as Mckenzie gave me an early prototype of Pilgrim's to start trying out, I knew immediately how I was going to try the stuff out.

Before Pilgrim's, the instant I'd get out of the pool, I would rush to the shower to try rinsing the chlorine from my hair, dragging my fingers through my dried-out, pissed-off locks, hoping to salvage a little bit of my hair's natural softness. It would always be a sad occasion, as my hair would appear more and more lifeless as the weeks wore on.

But then when I started combing through 8-10 drops of Pilgrims before getting into the pool, that post-swim shower went from dreaded necessity to a reward for working out.

Since I started swimming, my hair has never been better!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Try Pilgrim's Classic Hair Tonic for yourself. An all-natural way to healthier hair...

When's the last time you heard that? 


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