Dual Functionality: Repurposing and Self-Realization

December 10, 2013

Dual Functionality

We create our respective environments through the appropriation of rituals and routines that elevate our experiences to the comforting and pervasive notion that we are not simply living day-to-day; but instead, we are living LIVES.  

Taking an object and filtering it through your own circumstances makes it even more your own, maybe even an extension of your very self-expression. For instance, devoted Brooklyn Groomer* Jayne (@JaneWithAWhy) tweeted us recently, having shined her shoes with our Mustache Wax


Jayne's idea is ingenious. And not only because her shoes looked good-as-new after her stroke of #poorpeoplecreativity, but also because her mustache wax (purchased, presumably, for reasons other than to shape a 'stache) is now uniquely her own. Thanks, Jayne, for sharing your revelation.

Dual Functionality. It's all around us. 

As we discussed way back in July, "Dual functionality is a masterpiece of a verbal construction used to describe an object’s ability to serve (useful) purposes beyond its original intent." 

A matchbook under a wobbly table leg, the safety pins holding together a favorite backpack, the opened envelope you wrote your last grocery list on: these are all simple, unnoticed symbols of the human condition. We take what we are given, and we weave it into the fabric of our lives.

I found a "hanging jewelry organizer" recently for $5.99 at Lot Less, and though I am not a collector of jewelry, at least not the kind I'd want to hang in a closet, I found the most indispensable use for that tacky thing.


After a little re-purposing, $5.99 became priceless. Imagine the chaos that was my night-stand before my "jewelry organizer" became the Grooming Expert's Best Friend.

So I say to you my friends, let not labels and directions rule your life. Approach situations as opportunities and objects as potential tools. As for Brooklyn Grooming's multi-functional products, I have some ideas for you:

Besides Jayne's clever employment of Brooklyn Grooming Mustache Wax as an impromptu shoe polish, lately I have been using the wax to give myself a faux beard-trim when I don't have time to clip it and line it up. You know how sometimes you wake up and your beard has gotten out-of-control seemingly overnight? You don't need a trim every time! I glue my beard down with the sticky, adhesive wax and---presto---the appearance of a trim!

Soon to hit Brooklyn Grooming shelves (spoiler alert) is a new product called Pilgrim's Hair Tonic, a fabulous moisturizer and leave-in conditioner that aids in the application of pomades and other styling products. But ever since I picked up swimming for fitness at my gym, I've been using it as the perfect seal of protection against the damaging effects of prolonged chlorine exposure. My hair is better than ever since I started applying Pilgrim's before & after my swims. 


I absolutely swear by Brooklyn Grooming's Gentlemen's Facial Serum. I use it after I shower, after washing my face, after "Treatment Tuesday" facial festivities with my aesthetician friend and colleague. You remember, Aiyani, don't you? Anyway, aside from its intended use as champion and balancer of the facial skin, it works great for dry, cracked cuticles and those winter-weather-weary knuckles. Come on men, I'm not telling you to go for mani-pedis, but it's time to pay attention to your hands.


Stay tuned to the blog for more ideas on how Brooklyn Grooming's products can make your life exponentially better. And if you've discovered any dual functions with your own BG items, please let us know in the comments section below! 

Or send us a tweet to @BKGrooming 


Till next week...

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