From our Hands to Yours

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Before they've even had the chance to apply our products to their hair or skin (or any place else) most of our new customers are initially impressed by the obvious care that has gone into the shipping and delivery of our products from our little studio in Brooklyn to you.

As seen in the image above (courtesy of @vitalypecherski) of a recently shipped vegan Commando Pomade, Mckenzie takes the most extraordinary pains to ensure that the great care with which she has created our products is translated also into how you receive them.

One look at the little hot plates where Mckenzie actually cooks up our line of organic goods can be a dazzling shock and reminder---since it is so hard to imagine in our culture of Wal-Mart and drug store cosmetics---that something could actually be handmade. We've all seen the images of those conveyor belts traveling under machines that do everything from add ingredients to an enormous batch of product to squirt the final concoction into packages before sealing and drooping them into a huge bin of finished goods.

That isn't what happens here at Brooklyn Grooming. We wanted to remind you that we value quality and authenticity in our products, from the secret location where Mckenzie sources the organic essential oils and vegetable butters that go on to become our products to the precision we must employ to apply every single plastic seal and stickers designed by our graphics guru Alfie.

It's a homespun operation with a focus on artistry and detail because we understand that those things are sorely lacking in our mega-chain discount store culture. The death of the mom & pop shop hasn't meant the death of quality, handmade products. 

We believe that there should be more to purchasing cosmetics than a simple cash transaction at a department store or national pharmacy chain. We believe in a personal connection between crafters and customers (especially since you're going to put this stuff on your face!) that is often overlooked in the bustle of modern society.

So we just wanted to remind you, even though we cannot shake your hand and say thank you, that the sentiment holds true: we want you to enjoy the benefits of our goods, and---just as importantly---receive them knowing they are made with heart and care, from our hands to yours.


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#AskSloan: More about Pilgrim's Hair Tonic?

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Dear Sloan,

Greetings. First off, I'm in love with Fort Greene Shave Oil. I was wondering though if I could use Pilgrim's Classic Hair Tonic by itself. Can it give clean hair an oiled look? I'm looking for a little bit of hold and a shine.



Hi Phil,

You're obviously a man of taste, as Fort Greene is my current favorite fragrance as well. I'm using the FG Facial Serum everyday, and it's truly improving my complexion by somehow evening out the color of my face. I suppose I'm losing the pink and red splotches I've had so long that I'd stopped even noticing them.

Anyway, let's talk about Pilgrim's Classic Hair Tonic. Designed as a primer to go between your hair and your styling products, its original purpose was to allow pomades, waxes and gels to cling more easily to your hair, thereby facilitating longer-lasting hairstyles that would not require mid-day maintenance.

But since our products are made simply, using only organic essential oils and elbow grease, it would never be out of the question to try them out for other purposes. Since lately I don't use pomade or hair-styling products myself, I've done just that with Pilgrim's.

My hair happens to run the gamut between oily and dry. Usually, it's dry because I've shampooed recently, the weather is particularly dry or I'm probably not maintaining the proper levels of hydration in my body. If its oily, then I've either overdone it on the pomade, or it's time for a shampoo.

My point here is that the key to proper hair care comes from being aware of your hair. Understanding the way your hair behaves and reacts to both the way you care for it and the elements is the only way you'll be able to give the hair what it needs.

Think of your hair as your pet: it can't talk to you, so you have to know it well enough to recognize what it's asking for.

When my hair is dry or unruly, I rinse it in the shower and then when it's half-dry, I rub 5 drops of Pilgrim's Classic Hair Tonic into my palms and comb it through my hair using my fingers. If it is particularly dry and feeling like its on the verge of damage, then I'll use an actual comb to ensure the tonic has been incorporated uniformly throughout my head.

The result is shine, body and a slight hold with natural movement that I prefer for my everyday look.

I've got a relatively thick head of wavy hair that tends toward dryness. So I have determined that 5 drops works for me. Make sure you use the product sparingly until you figure out exactly how much your hair needs based on your desired results.

Remember, a little goes a long way. Don't overdo it. You'll just waste perfectly good product.

Keep an eye out for other uses as well. For instance, I'm using the Tonic every time I go for a swim at my gym. It is incredible the way it completely repels the chlorine and protects my hair from the damage it would otherwise suffer. It's to the point now that if I forget my Pilgrim's at home, I don't go swimming.

Happy Grooming!

Let us know how it turns out!


Do YOU have something to #AskSloan? Email him at SLOAN@BROOKLYNGROOMING.COM or tweet him at @GawkyHeartthrob.

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Springtime Skin-Sense vs. Seasonal Skin Neglect

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Well it sure seemed like the winter was never going to relent this year, didn't it? Slowly but surely, though, the signs of springtime have begun to show themselves. For instance, just last week on The Highline, I saw a budding lawn of crocuses, a telltale signal that Spring has sprung!

At first i thought it was trash littered about the lawn: see what a dismal outlook a long winter can give you?

But now that the flowers are in bloom and the sun shines warmer, and it's even raining again on occasion, don't be fooled into laxing on your skincare regimen.

Since the air outside is a more comparable temperature to that of your actual skin, and a little humidity has returned to the atmosphere, we may be tempted to forget our skin and altogether stop moisturizing/ Don't fall prey to the habit of seasonal skin neglect!

At Brooklyn Grooming we offer the perfect way to maintain the moisture balance in your skin to keep it plump, healthy and youthful, just like we all want. Our Gentlemen's Facial Serum is an ultra-light-weight, breathable bulwark between your skin and the damaging elements. And the fact that it's a serum---not a cream or a salve--means the tiny molecular structure of this all-natural emollient will absorb into your thirsty, spring-happy pores, not suffocate the face like a mask.

And don't forget what's good for the skin is good for the hair!

When it comes to maintaining the moisture quotient of your mane of sexy top-locks, look no further than our brand-new Plgrim's Classic Hair Tonic. Designed to be a base-coat and barrier between your hair and your favorite styling products, Pilgrim's also works as a leave-in conditioner to prevent the new warmer weather and sun-drenching weekends in the park from drying out your hair and scalp. A few drops of Pilgrim's worked into the hair imparts a classic, subtly masculine fragrance and a necessary, beautifying luster that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Make sure that this extended wintry wait has been worthwhile: Make this spring the best one yet!

Happy Grooming, from your friends at BG!


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#AskSloan: Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

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Hello Dan!
Thank you for your interest in our brand and products! You've asked a question that bears revisiting for new customers and the newly bearded alike.
***Readers: note that Dan meant to ask "oil or balm" --- "pomade" was a typo***
How Your Beard Benefits
Sesame and hempseed oils---the key moisturizers in both our Whiskers Beard Oil and Classic Beard Balm---help to boost, balance and maintain the moisture quotient within your facial hair as the beard changes and grows. (And as you newbies will come to understand, the beard is in constant flux.) 
I've heard countless men complain that after a few weeks of growth their beards start to get "scratchy" and therefore must immediately be shaved off. What many fail to realize is that this awkward, uncomfortable phase is simply your face figuring out what to do with itself now that it's wearing a beard. The skin naturally provides a layer of sebum to coat hair all over the body. And when there's suddenly lots of hair where there hasn't been before, the skin will obviously need some time to catch up and find its balance..
Thanks to our Beard-Moisturizing oils and balms, never again will you have to sit back and let your face crust over in shell-shock before it finally realizes it's got to kick up the sebum production. From the very first day of beard growth through the dreaded day you senselessly decide to shave it, a little added moisture from Brooklyn Grooming's Beard Conditioners gives your beard and skin the moisture and nutrition they need to keep the hair growing healthy and steady.
We all know that properly moisturized skin is necessary to bountiful hair growth. But beyond providing the perfect environment for hair to grow, our oils and balms also protect your hair by creating a barrier between beard and the elements, protecting it from harsh climates, debris, smoke, and the rigors of daily face-washing.
And then there's the gloss, the clarity, the sheen that a layer of Brooklyn Grooming's oil or balm will provide that will make your beard look brand new, healthy and italicized. People will notice.    
Balm vs Oil
It's important to remember that our oils and balms contain exactly the same organic, nutritive moisturizers. The difference lies in the addition of shea butter and unrefined beeswax to give the balm a hardier hold. I have used both balm and oil, separately and together. I have even mixed the two together to create an oilier balm. Here's what I've gathered:
  • The Beard Oil is best suited for young beards (still in their stubble phase), beards (of any length) comprised of hair that is virtually straight to only slightly wavy, thicker beards and beards that are easy to comb or brush. These are the beards that will best hold the oil without letting it drain away or evaporate and that probably won't require the added moisturizing qualities of the shea butter and beeswax.
  • The Beard Balm will best benefit beards with a little more length on them, especially those that are kinky, curly, bushy or bristly in texture. The balm will be easier to spread out over unruly hair ensuring that you're able to coat it from all sides. Balm will also be good for beards that aren't super thick, patchy beards or beards that don't offer black-out coverage over the cheeks and jawline. Because there is more space between the hairs, the oil alone could trickle away without remaining trapped in the beard where it is needed most. the stronger cling of the balm will help the beard to hold onto the nutrients and the moisture for longer.
Of course, I think your best bet is to try our Beard Conditioning Duo which features an oil and a balm. That way you can try for yourself, and find what works for you. (I apply oil in the morning and balm at bedtime.) .     
Let me know how it goes....
Happy Grooming,
~ ~ ~ ~ 

Do YOU have something to #AskSloan? Email him at SLOAN@BROOKLYNGROOMING.COM or tweet him at @GawkyHeartthrob.

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Fashion Must-Haves for Spring, or What's with the Octopus?

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The new spring season and the dawning astrological new year aren't the only things arriving this month that we've been eagerly anticipating. Also happening right now is Brooklyn Grooming's first foray into fashion merchandising!

These locally printed his-and-her's tee shirts finally give our passionate, loyal customers a chance to show their affection for Brooklyn Grooming in ways that don't involve forcing friends and strangers to smell their beards.

Not that these handsome pullovers are exclusively for BG super-fans. There's something for everyone in these tee shirts. In creating his original design for the tee's logo, our graphics guru Alfredo Catedral has once again reminded us that the best graphics designers are nothing short of true visual artists. 

What's not to love?

  • The eco-friendly fabrics are constructed of organic cotton by Bella Canvas and Alternative Apparel,,leaders in the sustainable textiles movement.
  • The classic silhouettes work on every body shape,
  • The unassertive elegance of the color pallette is at once understated and direct
  • Bucking the trend of making people who wear logo-tees into vulgar walking billboards, Alfie rejects shameless promotion in favor of a tasteful design with integrity. (Good taste is so hard to find these days) 
  • The signature weaving together of the whimsical and the stately into a sublimely witty neonostalgia has come to epitomize and define Brooklyn Grooming's aesthetic.
  • Oh, and did I mention the giant, pissed-off octopus brandishing straight razors in its tentacles dancing across the front of the tee shirt? 
In Case You're Wondering, "Why a Giant Octopus?"

You may remember the nautical imagery that debuted when we introduced Anchor Aftershave Tonic. The roll-out of Anchor came with an re-boot of the website which incorporated fantastical images recalling pirate's treasure maps.

One of those images was a mildly grotesque octopus, but with monstrous eyes like an owl's, who for nearly a year was the first thing you'd see upon visiting our site. She became like some sort of cyber-gargoyle for our homepage.. (She can still be seen on our twitter banner.) Perhaps it's because he came to regard that octopus as the unofficial face of the brand that Alfie decided she deserved a redesign and resurrection via our tee shirts..

The debut of Anchor turned out to be a milestone moment for us. So maybe the octopus is a good luck charm, representing a time of marked growth and forward momentum.

Or maybe she's a fittingly absurdist mascot in homage to Brooklyn itself: the borough of identity crisis. Is it the borough of beards, hipsters, biergardens and artisinal cheeses? Or storied home to the Brooklyn Naval Yard, a once-major cruise-ship port and hub of industry?


From Prototype to Product

In the collage above, in addition to the provocative octopus tees you'll also see Alfie's early prototype for the tee shirt design. The original was to have centered around a floating straight razor cleverly masquerading as a greater-than sign. Even though that tee shirt was never printed and is not available, I added those images because I find it so interesting how drastically designs can change and morph going from an idea to a finished product.

But the fact that this particular design could start out as a sensible, straight-forward straight razor and end up an esoteric, blade-wielding sea monster is at once completely ludicrous and unquestionably apropos. That's SO Brooklyn.

Our Graphics Design Guru Alfie (left) with a friend, both look tickled pink to be wearing their Brooklyn Grooming tees.  


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Where to Find Us ... in Vancouver

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Last week I took a customer's plaintive request for a good beard barber and sent him to a barber based on the opinions of a slew of bearded fellows I know. 

This week I'm starting a series to highlight and draw attention to some shops that you may not know, but we think you should since they share our vision and philosophy enough to actually carry the BROOKLYN GROOMING line on their very own brick-and-mortar retail shelves.


MASC Skincare is a men's shop located in Yaletown, one of the trendiest shopping districts in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are pleased to be gracing the shelves of this well-known Canadian gem whose motto is "Look Great, Feel Great."

Since 2007, their mission has been to offer men of all ages the tools and information necessary to maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance in a simple no-fuss manner.

What I especially appreciate about the way founders Jamie Beuthin and Patrick Levesque (pictured above) have arranged their concept store is that it is free from the elitism that often keeps man from pursuing a better version of himself through grooming.

They are fervent in their mission to create an environment which promotes a shopping experience that is "satisfying, unintimidating and informative."

If you're in Vancouver, or just passing through, make sure you stop in and say hello to these guys! (And get me some of their secrets to flawless skin)



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We Love Your Feedback!

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It's letters like these from customers the world over that remind us exactly why we do what we do here at Brooklyn Grooming. Cheers to you, Jeff!


Dear McKenzie,
(I take it you are the “M.” from the postcard)

I am writing to thank you for a truly inspirational product!  And by inspirational I mean that I find myself invigorated and smiling each time I apply your products.  I have been using the Williamsburg Beard Oil and Balm for a few weeks now and I am grateful for the time, consideration, taste and personal touch that went into all aspects of the Brooklyn Grooming.  
As long as I have hair on my face your products will have a home there too!


Jeff S.


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