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So, Chin, We Meet Again.

So, Chin, We Meet Again.

It's been I-don't-know-how-long since I had a clean shaven face. I have toyed with the idea of shaving my beard, most notably 2 autumns ago, but would either chicken out or some natural disaster (e.g. Hurricane Sandy) would come along and change my mind every time.  But as 2014 is...

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Dual Functionality: Repurposing and Self-Realization

Dual Functionality: Repurposing and Self-Realization

We create our respective environments through the appropriation of rituals and routines that elevate our experiences to the comforting and pervasive notion that we are not simply living day-to-day; but instead, we are living LIVES.   Taking an object and filtering it through your own circumstances makes it even more your...

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Smells great cleanc great

Great Brush

Great brush - soft bristles with a beautiful handle and cool BG logo on the bottom. I found BG after googling shaving brushes and found one on their site that caught my eye. I have no affiliation with BG but wanted to support this small business. Support small business, local or not as they need us!

Good balm and smells great

Really enjoy this grooming balm.

Just like the Blue Cyprus Pilgrim's, but not fighting with my other scents!

Men's Handmade Mustache - Beard Comb