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Pilgrim's Blue Cyprus and Coconut Deodorant is amazing

This stuff smells good, and lasts all day. I have had skin irritation from most other commercially available deodorant and have tried everything from the alum crystals to "natural" products. They don't work and contribute to bad smelling underarms. I thought I was just stuck living with it, until a small boutique in Astoria, OR recommended the product. I love it!!!

Clay Pomade

This stuff is great! Finally a pomade that can hold my hair style that’s unscented. I have a lot of sensitivity that doesn’t let me use many products so this is a real win for me. Plus the art on the product is dynamite! So happy

Grooming Oil 2 Pack Full Size
william leverenz jt

Grooming Oil 2 Pack Full Size

Excellent Product

I bought this a few years ago almost as a joke - Machine Oil?! Had to try some. It's now a regular part of my morning ritual, Don't leave home without it!

Great Product

Grew my hair out during quarantine and wanted to change up my hair product. Love the natural feeling and hold of this product. Great smell like all of the other products offered by Brooklyn Grooming.